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Hairline cracks in new plaster

Hi all,

Im wondering if any of you could help me. I recently had my wole house skimmed (re-palsterd?) this was done then then walls primed and painted. Now that the walls have been painted i have noticed lots of hairline cracks everywhere! My husband has gone over them with polyfilla and we repainted.

My questions:

1) Is this normal for this to happen? we called the guy who originally did the work and he said it wasnt his fault something to do with the old plaster underneath?
2) Are we doing the repairs correctly?
3) Should i be more alarmed? im worried cracks will keep occuring everywhere. FYI the plasterring was completed in Nov/Dec and the house painted in Jan.

Thanks in advance to all those who reply.

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First of all dont panic! This is unfortunately very normal when a solid wall is reskimmed. Seasonal variations in temperature, air pressure and humidity causes walls to expand and contract, this creates pressure in the walls which is released via a stress point I.e. A crack. Unfortunately there is not much you can do other than fill them. I would always advise when doing so to open the crack up slightly with a knife so that the flexible filler has a larger area to adhere to. Use of a flexible filler should allow your walls to expand and contract without the crack reopening. I would recommend asking your plasterer to do it for you, I always offer this free of charge within the first 12 months, he is not obliged to do so but it is a professional courtesy. Thanks, Andy

Answered 5th Apr 2013

Phoenix Plastering, Rotherham

Member since 4 Apr 2013

this nornally happens if plaster has dryed out to quick the house is to warm or plasterer has done his prep work properly.

Answered 5th Apr 2013

R.@.C Plastering and Property maintenance.

Member since 27 Feb 2013

If he knows the old plaster is the problem,why did he skim over it without warning you this was a possibility??????

Answered 5th Apr 2013

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Hi if the old plaster was cracked before the pva and new plaster works done the new plaster will follow the cracks in th old plaster , sounds like they didnt scrim over some of the cracks or even better still removed it back to brickwork where needed then float and set the walls if you have now polly filled holes and sanded it should be ok hope this helps

Answered 5th Apr 2013

m&m plastering

Member since 5 Dec 2012

The big mistake is skimming over loose background plaster, don't forget skimming is cosmetic its not a remedy for defective plaster, the background must be sound . If it was cracked before it will crack again, scrimming the craks helps prior to skimming . Mick MB plastering

Answered 8th Apr 2013

MB Plastering

Member since 11 Mar 2013

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