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I have 2 badly sagging bedroom ceilings. is it best to pull them down or under board?

There are 2 water tanks in the loft (that have been emptied)and appear to have attributed to the sagging. A plasterer said it's very messy to pull down and the ceilings will still appear bowed because the beams would have been affected.

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Pulling down lath & plaster ceilings is one of the dirtiest jobs to do, but in your case it sounds best to take the lot down, as over boarding, or battening is not going to pull it up straight.
Get every thing moved out of the room, tape up doorways etc, because the dust will travel every where, you will need good face masks and safety glasses, open windows.
Try taking down carefully, if not use a shovel get stuck in for 20 minutes then out for fresh air.
This will give you the chance to get the redundant tanks out of the roof, and fit new ceiling timbers, and level up the ceiling, prior to boarding and finish plaster.
Use dry wall screws to fit the boards.
I know its a dirty job, but you will be more than pleased with the end result.
We have just done 5 ceilings like this, customer had down lighters fitted in ceiling, looks completely different house.


Answered 23rd May 2011

Hi there. Personally i'd recommend pulling your ceiling down and start fresh but that depends on your budget. You may be lucky and the sagging could just be the water soaked into the boards or laths and warping them and once dry stay sagged but set and firm. If so you can just cut out the damaged area to half on ceiling joists and replace with plaster board and at minimum have it patched. Hope this helps.
Dave Williams


Answered 23rd May 2011

True it is a very messy job to remove bedroom ceilings as everything that's in your loft will fall into your bedroom, such as:- dust, rockwool, and any other items stored up there..!
We generally leave the ceiling up but just remove the major affected/sagging area (for levelling ceiling purposes) and overboard the ceiling.
A good plasterer can rectify and difference in the ceiling level caused by twisted joists as he works so when it's boarded and skimmed the ceiling is flat.
Hope this helps.... Jay


Answered 23rd May 2011

Hi, in most cases I would say it is ok to underboard a ceiling, but alot really does depend on the condition of the existing ceiling and joists, As for the mess, yes it is allways a messy job taking down a ceiling,but if you sheet up properly covering all walls and floors with a good plastic membrane then you can take down a ceiling ,clear away all mess into sacks and dispose without spreading dust all over your property.hope this helps.


Answered 23rd May 2011

I would definately replace ceiling , with counter-battening if need be . Then a good plasterer could leave a decent ceiling , i personally would never under board a sagging ceiling .As water/moisture could be trapped in the affected old ceiling . Which could leave problems for the future.
hope this helps ,


Answered 26th May 2011

If the ceiling and roof wood work is sound you could try jacking up the ceiling by attaching rigging screws from the ceiling joists to the roof timbers with wire. Slowly turn the rigging screws and that will lift the whole ceiling.You will need to use a rigging screw every other joist. If the final result is ok then plaster over or plasterboard over it.
K Crellin


Answered 23rd May 2011

i also agree with jay, but it does all depend on your budget


Jason @


Answered 28th May 2011

I agree with jay just remove the affected areas then overboard a good plasterer can level out as he goes along if there is any other problems with twisted joists


Answered 25th May 2011

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