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What size hardcore base would i need for a 8x6 garden shed?

There are so many types of bases out there I am confused as to which will be best.Access is through house I am told it can get quite messy.

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Hi Jesse. Why not build a timber base for your shed as if you are laying decking and simply put the shed on top , this will allow you to keep the mess from your house no soil and stone or concrete brought through. You simply drive stakes into the ground and then fix joists across to form a level base. Many videos on you tube how to lay decking bases. Hope this helps. Mark emmpire

Answered 21st May 2011

M N M Projects Limited

Member since 22 Apr 2008

I would suggest put a proper solid base in, wether it is concrete or slabs, you dont really want timber near the floor, it will probably rot away before your shed.
Sheet everything up, if using a barrow, tape some ply strips to all door frames to avoid damage from barrow.
We have done this many times, get the small bagged aggregates, throw them on your shoulder and away you go.
Easiest to do is slabs, you wont get a lot of mess if you do it in the dry weather.

Answered 23rd May 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

Sitting the shed on timber would be best.. saves on lugging all the materials through the house.
You will need to lay the timbers on concrete blocks "padstones" (about 8 will do) they'll need to be well bedded. Dig a hole a bit bigger than each block and fill with a dry concrete mix, then mix up a good morter mix and lay each block running a level from each one to keep it all level. Lay your timbers across the padstones and the shed sits nicely on top... easy

Answered 22nd May 2011


Member since 26 Oct 2008

i would suggest 9x7. and a respectfull tradesperson would not leave a mess

Answered 22nd May 2011


Member since 10 May 2010

the least messy and probably the cheapest would be to get 3 railway sleepers the same width as the shed+ about 150mm longer, lay them level ind fit the shed, regards Terry.

Answered 21st May 2011

tm property services

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Going through the house can be messy but if you make sure you have dust sheets on the floor from the front door to your back door this should be ok. Also as you will be using a wheelbarrow to move your materials from front to back use scaffold boards to ramp up/down any steps to make things easier.

Personally i would lay a MOT type 1 base then compress it with a vibrating plate/Wacker followed by about 6inches of concrete. So set your mixer up in the back garden so you are only moving sand through the house not wet cement

The MOT type 1 is not essential as there is not much weight but if you do it you know you are covered but it will cost you more.

I would also oversize the base to give you 1inch or 2inches all round the shed but that is personal preference. But you need to find out if your measurements are interior or exterior otherwise if they have given you interior measurements for the shed and you set the base to that size the base will be to small.

Hope this helps.
R. Chittenden

Answered 21st May 2011

R Chittenden

Member since 19 Feb 2011

of course the best base would be to dig out earth or what ground you have put some hardcore down and concrete to make a hard standing for your shed.
the simple way is just get the ground half level and lay some paving slabs on a bit of sharp sand or on the ground and your done . ready for shed (also you can put a few bricks under shed to give a bit of ventalation and this will prolong the life of your shed floor.

Answered 22nd May 2011

tom harveyassociates

Member since 30 May 2010

Hi, If your worried about mess then go for timber, spaced approx 18inches appart, Then sit the shed on to.would be cheapest too.
Concrete would be best though and last longer, would cost more.
hope this helps.
Regards Roger

Answered 22nd May 2011

Odd job Rog

Member since 30 May 2008

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