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hi there i need some advice ive recently taken up my garden area ,it was covered with pebbles,underneath the pebbles was a lining to stop the weeds coming through which meant that the ground underneath was fairly flat,i hired a wacker plate and tried to level it out even more which i have done, the question im asking is can i now lay my new turf straight on this surface and will it grow ,bearing in mind it is just compacted mud thankyou hope someone can help me

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It's a bit to well compacted you will need to loosen the top layer of soil for the turf to key. You could also add a layer of good soil on top to help the grass. Remember when you lay the grass to use some long planks and make sure all joins are really tight. Even this time of year water plenty to stop the turf shrinking.


Answered 28th Mar 2013

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