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hello i need your help in this matter .i have a job where we need a foundation beam (400x450)

do you know where i can buy them or how these are made


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Foundation beams are usually calculated by the architect/ structural engineer, and a drawing enclosed given the sizes of rebar, basically the materials should be available from your nearest steel stockest, you will have bent square steel, with the long steels threaded through and wire tied together, all done on site.


Answered 20th May 2011

you cann't buy a beam you must make one or employ someone who can, as the guys say above you need some calculations from a engineer, because first to know the spec of concrete and steel design, and second the building inspector will require them,


Answered 21st May 2011

sounds like they are asking for rebar beam laid in trench and concreted over ,just buy the rebar and tie together as in steel spec and place in trench then concrete and vibrate as per norm ,if you are a builder you should really know this


Answered 20th May 2011

If you google for reinforced concrete you should be able to find a local supplier,regards Terry.


Answered 20th May 2011

look for rom steel services they will supply all stell needed and pre bend bard for you


Answered 31st May 2011

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