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Should i pay and what are my rights ?

I had an extension done and the plumber in question seemed good enough at the start. There was no written quote and the works were agreed over the phone. However a few issues were

He took all the scrap without my say so
He took my old shower without my say so
He tried to fit 1 less radiator than agreed
He didn’t lag any of the new pipes in the loft after moving the boiler
He didn’t do an emissions test on the boiler after moving it
He didn’t supply any thermostatic controls after fitting a new cylinder in the loft and still maintains this is not a plumbers job !
The new gas pipe for the kitchen supply was not tight and the nut fell off – extremely dangerous considering I have 2 children under 3 years old.
2 rad valves fell off and had to be put back on
The boiler has since been serviced after constantly dropping pressure ( the valve inside needed re-pumping ? )
Advised that a towel radiator could be fitted with pipes coming down from ceiling and being fed from the top- since advised this is not a good idea then a new plumber fitted Towel rad correctly but had to run lots of new pipe work in the loft to get the feed down ( after being told the tails were left just above the proposed location )
Didn’t fit an outside tap as agreed

I’m sure there are a few more things but this all happened before Christmas. The last conversation I had with him was about us not paying him anymore money as we felt the job was not done to the correct standard and as we had verbally agreed. We estimated that we owed him about £800 but settled that we would pay him £500 only once we received the certificate. After this we had more problems some of which are listed above and now we don’t want to even pay him the £500. We have been sent a bill today saying that we owe him £500 ! ! !
What are my rights and should we send him a letter explaining that we are not prepared to settle the final bill.

We ended up getting another plumber to come and fix all the errors and make his works safe.


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Unfortunately as there isn't a written quotation or a written contract of works then both you and the plumber are unlikely to be able to take it any further. You should write him a letter though explaining everything that has happened from the start and your reasons for not paying him any claimed outstanding amounts. Make sure you keep a copy of the paperwork that was exchanged between you and the new plumber in case the first one tries to take it further (very unlikely he would be successful due to problems with workmanship and no documents).
See if you can speak with somebody at the citizens advice bureau which is free to give you peace of mind.
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Answered 22nd Mar 2013

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dont give him a bean......the work he has done is not to a decent standard ,especially when gas is involved...also any decent tradesman would put job in writing before he started...he has not got a foot to stand on...if he pushes it any further tell him you will get trading standards involved sure they would be very interested in the fact that he is putting you in danger with dodgy gas work..........

Answered 22nd Mar 2013


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Trading Standards.

Answered 10th Apr 2013

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