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Gas hob fitting by a registered engineer?

Hi - is someone able to advise about whether a new gas hob should be fitted by a gas safe engineer? I'm having my kitchen redone and replacing my current gas hob. I was under the impression that, legally, this had to be fitted by a registered engineer. My builder has said if it's just a case of disconnecting the old one and reconnecting a new hob then he can complete the work. Is this correct?
Similarly, the radiator is being repositioned slightly and he as advised that as this is not connected to any gas works it does not need to be carried out by a gas safe engineer.
Thanks in advance for you assitance.

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hi, your builder is 100% wrong only gas safe can dissconect gas hob and then reconnect it.regards to moving radiator does not have to be done by gas safe engineer.hope this helps grant.

Answered 18th Mar 2013

grant fowler plumbing services

Member since 20 Jan 2011

i normally last with builders about three weeks on average,then i look in there ear to see if there is light at the other side!!!! Ask him what meters cubed per hour the hob needs,is the gas line to the hob large enough,will you do a tightness test on the gas line before you fit it,and after so you know there is no gas leek where you have cracked the joint on the old hob!!!! Then do yourself a favour and show him the door,dont pay him,and get a gas safe guy in or woman to sign it off for you.BECAUSE HE IS CLEARLY A IDIOT,AND DANGEROUS TO BOOT!!!!!!!!

Answered 18th Mar 2013

clydebank plumbing and heating

Member since 14 Apr 2011

I defer to Clydebank Plumbing & Heating, quite right, God preserve us from the gifted amateur (Builder)

Answered 18th Mar 2013

Boiler Homecare

Member since 6 Jan 2010

Grant fowler is correct and you DO need to be gas safe registered and your particular builder is a fool .Not quite sure what the problem with builders in general is but I wouldn't mind betting that the average builder has more between the ears than the average plumber.We have to know about most trades and co ordinate everything on all jobs whilst your average plumber is nothing but an overpaid "push fit" jockey.Im pretty sure most of us builders could achieve the holy grail of being gas safe if we wanted to be one trick ponies :)

Answered 18th Mar 2013

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Most professional builders will be up to date with regards to planning and building regulations and know quite a lot about other trades such as electrics/gas.

Unfortunately your so called builder does not so do not let him near your gas hob, and I would seriously check any other work hes done for you too to make sure thats correct.

Answered 20th Mar 2013

AJ Plastering & Building Services

Member since 14 Jan 2010

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