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How and when do we fit the electric box on a new build?

Hello. We are half way through a new build and have had the first fix completed on electrics. Does anyone know who I go to to get an electric box connected up and when in the process do I do this? Is it from Npower, british gas etc. Many thanks, Cassie Watts

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I suggest you ask your electricain who is doing the works as he should know !
And be part p registered !
Good luck


Answered 1st Jul 2011

You should have ideally requested a new supply at the start of your build. look at your local energy supplier and request a quote for a new installation/supply. A lot will depend where your dwelling is on your plot for the provision of the power supply. The energy supplier may be running the cables overhead or underground. There are regulations governing both ways these supplies come into the property. the underground route means excavating a trench at least 750mm deep and lining it, this may have issues with your drains and other services. This is one of the things that should have been addressed at the start of your build. (services trench).
I would be very suprised is there is not a note on your plans to indicate the route of the services. The last build I did was a 55mm cable to the electric box, (you are responsible after the supply to the plot boundary) it worked out very expensive. The new supply of 3mtrs from the nearest power point to the plot was £1500 by NEDL.
regards mark


Answered 18th May 2011

the supply cable normaly comes in undergroun to a meter box generaly built into the wall along witha duct called a hockey stick this allows the service provider to install the cable.If you have not allready done so you need to contact your energy supplierto fit the cabte/meter and isolator switch.your electrician can then connect this to your consumer unit once he has done his tests after 2nd fix, regards Terry.


Answered 19th May 2011

From the sound of it, you do not appear to be a registered domestic installer, therefore you are going to fall foul of the local authority when they ask for your part P certification


Answered 8th Jun 2011

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