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Is it safe to change a socket in the manner listed below?

I am thinking of installing an Eddy water softener which needs to be where I have first access to the water supply in my flat. This is in the airing cupboard where I have the hot water tank. The hot water tank has two immersion heaters in - one powered by an Economy 7 socker/switch and the other by a standard on off switch. My question is: Is there a socket i can replace the standard on/off switch with that will have a 13amp plug socket and a separate switch with 13 amp spur for the immersion heater. The socket i picture in my head is like the cooker switch sockets you see with a switch for the 45A cooker and a 13A plug socket. But this doesn't really sound like its the right one for me. Alternatively, what if I used a dual surface wall box and then used a single 13 A socket to take the main supply. Then piggy back through into a 13A spur with flex outlet for the immersion heater. The Eddy would be on all the time. So yeah, is what I'm trying to do possible? Recommended? Dangerous? What are other solutions?


Paul Arton

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In short no there is no all in one double switch with a separate fused supr for the immersion heater with a standard 13amp socket alongside. So as you have suggested you will have to use a dual box and separate spur and socket. Athough its poor practice to spur a socket off of the immersion heater circuit, although it seems the easiest thing to do and I guess that the water softener is relatively low power.

Remember that you must regsiter your intent to carry out DIY electrical work with your local authority and pay the appropriate fee for Part P building regulation consent. (see link below or google Part P for more information).

Whilst its a simple job, if you don't get consent and the work is not signed off, you are breaking the law and can be fined up to £5000.


Answered 13th Mar 2013

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