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Loft Conversions Question

How expensive is a small basic loft conversion

I live in a end terrace 2 bedroomed house with 2 children a boy and a girl and now they are getting older space is really starting to become an issue. I have a loft space that you can stand up in in the middle (only just) and I believe it is a truss loft. I wondered if I used part of the main bedroom for a small staircase and use the space under the stairs for wardrobe space. How much would I be looking at to create a small childs bedroom with velux window. The staircase would have its own door at the bottom. I understand it would have to be for regs but im not too bothered whether I would be able to call it an official 3rd bedroom. Moving is not an option for us as my husband has recently gone self employed.

Any thoughts or ideas would really help.


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hi there lofts conversions narmaly start at £10,000 with out any building regs planing permision and plans. hope this helps

Answered 18th May 2011

N.L.M Plastering Services

Member since 15 May 2011

Hi dave price here TWM Construction

I have a large amount of experience in both the design and construction of loft conversions and will give you one piece of advice and that if its possible to extend the house rather than go into the loft the do the former as it will add value to your house where as a loft conversion will only convert like for like.The regulations governing loft conversions are tighter now meaning that insulation values are higher increasing the cost and in my opinion making them unviable in an economic context although if its you only option and you have no choice, it is clear you will need a dormer which contrary to one of your respondents will need planning permision


Dave Price TWM Construction

Answered 22nd May 2011

TWM Construction

Member since 12 Jun 2008

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A lot is dependant on the existing structure of your roof as to what structural support is required etc, You also need to consider any alterations that may be required to the plumbing system i.e. do the tanks in the loft need moving and also to be considered is the party wall structure. I would always recommend engaging an architect / design technician to advise on the feasibility before getting quotes and they will be able to give a guide (we have an in-house architect who we send out for this purpose)if this is a straight forward design then the cost would be between £10,000 and £15,000 - depends on what the use is of course i.e. a bathroom in the loft would add to to costs.

Answered 19th May 2011

G&H Building Services (UK) LTD

Member since 21 Oct 2009

Dear Madam,

Trying to answer your question, I will need to know exact measurement of the loft space. However, my company charges for a simple bedroom loft conversion with vilux windows 15k-20k sterling and for a single bedroom loft conversion with 1 dormer 20k-25k sterling. As you said your children grow up, so to spend money wisely I would suggest doing at least 1 dormer. Building regulations changed recently to relax the rules, so you don’t need any more planning permission for this kind of work, if you are not in conservation area. I would advise you to get a structural engineer to help you plan this project, as well he will supply all necessary drawings.

We are experience company in any house conversions and we will be very happy to help you.

Thank you.

All best

Tomasz Lelewski

Answered 19th May 2011


Member since 20 Jun 2010


There are a lot of things to consider with a loft conversion. To allow you to have a fixed staircase and a window it will definitely need regs and more likey than not planning as well. You say you can just stand up in the middle, regs state that a head clearance of 2m min is required at the top of a staircase so you may already have problems, especially when you take into consideration needing to upgrade the existing ceiling joist from 4/5" to 8" to be able to take the weight of a new floor.

You then have the electrics side of things and if your current fuse board doesn't meet the new standard (17th edition) that will also need to be upgraded to allow for any new circuits to be added.

Where abouts are you based as that can also be a factor in the costs for a job, I would be happy to give you a quote if you are in our working area.

Many Thanks
Mike Gianninotti
MG Interiors

Answered 18th May 2011

MG Interiors

Member since 26 Jan 2009

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Thermal insulation is very important; it will save on your heating bills, and improve flexibility of the living area in all weathers. Natural light and ventilation, however, are important considerations and should be integrated into the design for the prevention of condensation and improve wellbeing.

Velux windows will help with this. Blinds and electric operation can be added at the installation, or later on. Just ask what is the most important feature in any loft or extension is?

Answered 11th Jan 2012

PMV Maintenance

Member since 10 Jan 2012

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