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Concrete shed base for 6 x 6 shed??

Hi was wondering how much ballist and cement I would need for a 6 x 6 shed? How deep I would need to go and would you put hardcore in the bottom to start it off on? Thanks

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The best option would be to fix a timber frame together to the size of your shed. Place the frame in the area you wish to put the shed. This will then be your guide to excavate. You should then dig to a depth of 6 inches and fix and level the frame with Wooden stakes around the outside. Infill with concrete, you will need 500 kilos of ballast( best to buy 1 bulk bag) and 6 bags of cement. A strong mix would be 4 ballast to 1 cement no need for hardcore just use 6inch timber for shuttering. Good luck!

Answered 12th Mar 2013

Baker construction

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Construct a timber frame the size of your shed using 6 Inch x 2 inch timber. Place the frame in the area you want to put the shed. dig a trench for the frame to a depth about of 3 inches ,so as to make the highest point of the shed base prominent to the surrounding ground . fix and level the frame with Wooden stakes around the outside. Infill the edges with the the smallest hardcore available to you . You will need approximately 500 kilos of ballast and 6 bags of cement.Infill the rest the frame with small or crushed hard core and a 5-1 mix reasonably wet to the very top and slightly beyond of your frame work .
use a straight bit off timber to screed straight on top of the two longest lengths of your framework to remove any excess cement and obtain level shed base ,then allow to dry up to 48 hrs depending on weather conditions.

Answered 27th Mar 2015

Ensemble Trading

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hi if u lay a good 6 inches of sub base 1inch down in size and compaked it with a waker plate and then get some 6x1 shuters and u will need 3 tonne and 6 to 1 mix

Answered 13th Mar 2013


Member since 29 Mar 2012

This all depends on what the ground is like where your putting the shed if the ground is hard 4in of concrete is plenty unless your putting elephants in it 6in if the ground is clay or wet no need for subbase do frame work as others have said level with pegs and pour concrete in 4 to 1 tamper with straight timber I would get a ton bag as it will work out cheaper for you and 6 cement bags

Answered 1st Nov 2017

Rustec Property Maintenance

Member since 12 Aug 2016

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