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Moving and replacing a boiler - idea on cost?

Hi there

I'm buying a house that needs some modernisation and I'd be very grateful for some advice on moving the boiler.

It is a 9 year old combi positioned in the kitchen, on a wall that we are going to remove. We will need to move the boiler either to another position in the kitchen, under the stairs or to the bathroom. The bathroom is at the front of the house on the first floor, roughly 6.5 m away from the kitchen at the back of the house on the ground floor.

How much, roughly, would it cost to move the boiler? Considering its age, is it worth it or better to get a new one installed?

The house doesn't have a shower fitted at the moment - and we definitely need one! It looks like mixer showers are well suited to combi boilers. Is it best to have the boiler in the bathroom if it is feeding a shower, or does its location not matter?


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I would suggest that you do replace your existing combi if you are going to the expense of repositioning it as well as refurbishing your new home,

new combi's can come with up to 10 year warranty's

there are things to consider when re-siting/installing a new combi,

if its going to a new location then theres the re-routing of the pipes to the new boiler which includes, new gas supply in 22mm, cold and hot water pipes and connections into the central heating circuit,

the boiler doesn't have to be on an outside wall but it is preferred as a short flue will cut down on installation time and cost, and a safety discharge pipe needs to be installed from the boiler to the outside,

regarding installing the boiler near the shower, its not to important in average house it should only take around 20 seconds to get a steady flow of how water around to where it is needed no matter where the boiler is,
I would confirm that a thermostatic mixer shower is best suited to a combi,

hope all goes well,

martin dornan

Alaspects Property Maintenance

Answered 24th Mar 2013

Alaspects Property Maintenance

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I agree with Martin

Answered 7th May 2015

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