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Cracks everywhere!!

Good Morning Tradesmen,

Around last May we had our entire Edwardian ground floor flat re-plastered, in most rooms we have a dado and picture rail, so the plasterers had to plaster in between those parts.

As a guy with no experience in plastering they looked to be doing the right thing; they:
Stripped all the walls,
Scored them in places
used watered down PVA
put that gauze stuff on the walls

Problem is there are hairline cracks appearing everywhere (mostly the ceilings) of various lengths.
We had all the ceilings and top portions of the walls painted white so the cracks are extremely visible and upsetting.

There are also vertical cracks in some of the walls and cracks running along the tops of the skirting boards and beneath the picture rail in places.

Now, before I get the plasterer back and have him blame the decorator or the electricians (the plasterer plastered after the electrical work) I would like to know the opinions of other professionals.

Are these cracks natural and just need a bit of TLC or is the a problem that should never have happened.

Also one thing that happened; in the early stages the plastered suggested that the kitchen and bathroom would need to have the ceiling newly plaster boarded but towards the end of the job he claimed that on closer inspection the ceilings were fine and just needed re-plastering we took his advice as honest. - The kitchen ceiling is by far the worst hit area for cracks with probably 6 - 8 long cracks running in various directions.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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hi i would say if he skimmed over very old ceilings he may of missed scrimming some cracks then when they come back throught they would split of in all directions wants heating is on all cielings of that age i would play safe and overboard them and scim if cracks running along top of skirting this is were plaster meets wood when drys it has a hair line crack when painting starts you would use painters mate which is flexable to go around all skirting archatrave tops and bottoms of picture rail to stop cracking before painting only way to over come is to overboard cielings if filled other cracks will come through later kind regards paul

Answered 5th Mar 2013

Paul Rowland Plastering

Member since 5 Apr 2012

Hi there
Every time I price up skim overs I explain that cracks can appear it is only a skim,which purpose is to leave the surfaces smooth to paint it is not going to stop any movement in the property that can cause cracks or prevent the old backing coat from moving
his mistake was not to inform you of the possibility of cracking and to say the kitchen ceiling would be ok no plasterer can guarantee a skim over wont crack,in new builds they used to say leave the decorating for six months for shrinkage cracks,I feel your just unlucky that the old backing plaster is still moving certainly nothing to do with the decorator ,I presume the skim has not blown could try using a anti crack paint
which is flexible but no guarantee to solve it. now you would need to speak to the decorator for solutions.

Answered 5th Mar 2013

Trident Damp

Member since 26 May 2011

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