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QuestionShould I use grout sealant once my bathroom (including shower) has been fully tiled?

How do you apply grout sealant?
Does it affect/change the tile appearance?

8 Answers

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You shouldn't need to as most modern grouts are water and frost resistant and they a contain a subtstnace called microban which limits the growth of bacteria and mould. You should leave the grout for three to five days to make sure that it is absolutely set right through the joints and not just on the surface before using the shower.

Precision Heating & Plumbing Ltd 18th May, 2011

Unless the tiles are porous (natural stone -travertine etc) you shouldn't need to seal the grout. If you allow the grout enough time to cure, it is waterproof.
I would always seal the corner of the cubicle (vertical join) as the walls always expand away from each other here and a hairline cracks appear. Again silicone the bottom of the tiles onto the tray and then the outside of the enclosure onto the tray.
Use a wetted tool to work the silicone, not a wet finger with saliva! people wonder why the silicone has gone black straight away after they have just pressed bacteria from there mouths into it.
If you are sealing, just read the directions on the tin, test on a small area and see if you like the result.
regards Mark

Pro Finishing Services 18th May, 2011

If you use a good quality grout such as mapei ultra colour you won't need it. If you use a cheap non flyable grout then would seal it. Hope this helps.

Stone Crazy 18th May, 2011

If the bthroom has been tiled and then grouted using waterproof grout, then there should be no reason to use a grout sealer unless it is specified to use it
with the tiles or grout filling used.

Pimco, property improvement and maintenance co. 18th May, 2011

You can apply it with a paintbrush, and it bonds with the grout, effectively becoming a part of it with no discolouration — Normally!

It is recommended you do this if you're using a shower just to give the walls behind the tiles another barrier of protection from moisture and the damage it can cause.

Plumbheat Services 17th May, 2011

grout sealant is not a requirement but if it is a wet room then it is more likely that it would be desired, most good grouts like Bal are shower proof and most have there suitabilities listed on the packet thank you....kevin

Local Int Plumbers 17th May, 2011

Hi, if the tiles are stuck with a good quality adheasive (bal white star or simalar) and grouted with good grout(Bal micro flex or simalar) , no extra sealent would be required.
Regards Martin Mads.FF.

M.A.D.S FF Plumbing Services 22nd May, 2011


Yes you should use grout after your tiling is finished.... Grout applies a waterproof sealant/barrier between your tiles and also finishes the apperance of your tiling off...
If you mix your grout powder with water and mix to a liquid type substance and apply with either a sponge or a rubber type tile applicator which will allow you to apply with a thin layer of grout and makes it easy to remove surplus grout from the surface of the tiles....
once the grout starts to dry it will appear lighter in colour the trick is to catch it before it is completely dry as it will become hard. If you catch it as it starts to dry it should just wipe off with a dry cloth/towel and should polish up and finish up with a shine.

GT Joinery and Maintenance 17th May, 2011

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