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Nightmare with skirting boards

Hi, I have an old terraced property (approx 1900). I am attempting to fit a fireplace surround to a chimney breast (with two alcoves each side) in an upstairs bedroom - this is decoration only as the old chimney has been sealed up. This requires me to remove a section of skirting board in the middle of the chimney so that the surroudn will lay flush against the wall. My inital plan was to use a chisel and hammer to neatly cut this away - after 4 hours i had hardly made a dent on the skirting board!!!! My second plan was to remove the whole piece of skirting board. I gently tested the water and it seemd to be coming off without removing much plaster. However, one the the adjoining skirting boards then cracked. It was an absolute nightmate to get the whole piece off, and has resulted in the adjoining two pieces (that i did not want to remove) coming away from the wall and their other join (internal corners). They were joined at the external corners by nails which made them very difficult to pry apart. The corner from the piece of wood i was removing (the one i would cut and put back on) has split horrizontally too!

So i have four main problems/queries

1) What do i do about the skirting board that has cracked but is still half in situ
2) The piece of wood that i have prised off to cut is damaged on one side (split in half horizontally) - i did think about glueing this back together after i have cut it to shape?!
3) If i ever manage to rescue to the skirting board and cut it - how do i reattach?!
4) If i need to buy some new skirting board is it likely i will find one to match?!

I must also add that i am relatively new to DIY (if the above hasnt already made that blindingly obvious!). Is this a job for the professionals?!?!?

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Give up the DIY and start writing sit coms.
That question was the funniest I have ever read on this site.

Answered 6th Mar 2013

Bates Carpentry and Building

Member since 23 Jun 2011

You will not find any skirting to match a period property in any of the normal outlets, i.e B&Q Homebase etc or even builders merchants, you may be able to find some in a reclaim yard, if you take a sample with you, if still no luck you will want to contact a carpenter to see if one could be made to your size, there are several method of reattaching skirting, the most easiest would be a to glue it with a product like 'gripfill', but this depends entirely on the wall it is going onto. it could also be drill and fixed. but i would highly recommend getting someone in. as it will be difficult for you to complete this to a level you will be happy with (no offence intended).

Answered 5th Oct 2013

A Fresh Lick, building and decorating services

Member since 18 Feb 2013

yes I think it is a job for a professional

Answered 6th Mar 2013

Wrenwood Renovations

Member since 5 Mar 2013

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