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Help - central heating only working intermittently but hot water is fine, what can i do to identify/resolve fault?

Thank you for taking time to read this, and hopefully help.

I have gas central heating and hot water.
Over the last few days the central heating has only been working intermitently and I'd like to see if the issue can be identified (and repaired ecconomically if possible).
The hot water appears to be unaffected by this problem as the boiler responds immediately when the hot water is switched on via the timer box.
Using the same timer the heating will initially switch on and trigger the boiler however it has begun to switch off within 5-10 mins of the boiler starting and only reigniting a couple of times during the day.
Turning up the thermostat generates a 'click' but the boiler does not respond. At times over the weekend we have had the thermostat set to 35C with no response from the boiler, and it really hasn't been anywhere near 20C let alone 35C.
We have tried resetting the boiler and shutting down the whole system but nothing has worked.
We cannot work out why the heating only appears to identify that the temperature is below the level set on a few occassions during the day and ignite the boiler but not maintain that level. For example, one day last week the heating operated fine until 5pm when it failed to respond to any changes in temperature for the rest of the evening and allowed the house temperature to drop despite altering the thermostat. Nothing we tried could induce the boiler to switch on.
Is there anything we can do to test where the fault is?
Or for those of you with experience of CH systems, is it obvious where the fault lies? and can we easily repair?
Thank you again.

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I would first test whether the room thermostat, although it clicks, sends signal to the boiler. That can be tested with a multimeter on the boiler. If the room thermostat is faulty, the fix (replacement) shouldn't be difficult.


Answered 11th Apr 2013

resetting is a common cure for broadband, this is because when you turn off then on the modem it is programmed to search for the signal, and it will find it if one is available.
by resetting the boiler on a regular basis you are putting yourself and your family at risk. get gas safe engineer out to properly diagnose the fault, he or she might need to change the diverter valve, just a hint!!


Answered 23rd Dec 2014

With respect 'God preserve us from the gifted amateur' do yourself a favour and obtain advice from your local Gas Safe engineer, he will if he has the necessary experience and knowledge identify the faults(s) and advise you of cost.

Nothing preventing you from inviting other engineer in to offer second opinion if you want.


Answered 11th Apr 2013

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