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How much would we be looking at for a new bathroom suite and fitted, it doesnt have to be wonderful as long as its half decent

We are looking to buy a house that will need a new bathroom suite and for it too be fitted. What sort of price will I be looking at. It doesnt have to be top notch as long at its half decent.

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Hi,In general I always use a steel bath which offers a sensible price along with good stability-especially if used to shower in!,along with the Iflo Cascada 4 piece wc and sink suite from City Plumbing obviously taps are a dodgy subject-spend as much as you can afford as cheap is only storing up trouble for the future !!.
As a rule this would be around £800 in total-beware cheap rubbish unless you are selling the house.
Hope this helps


Answered 19th May 2011

Price varies from fitter to fitter. I personally offer a straight bathroom swap (Standard bath, push-button slimline toilet & basin suite included) for £695.


Answered 18th May 2011

even though you feel it does not have to be wonderful standard, it should be to a high standard and something you can live with for years to come, this does not mean expensive a visit to answer question on both side would be a must thankyou....kevin


Answered 18th May 2011

Between £3-5000 depending on size of room plus fittings

All the best Wayne


Answered 18th May 2011

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