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Damp proofing in cellar

I wanted to damp proof my cellar in my terraced house. The room is 15ft x 15ft with a 4ft x 4ft storage. I wanted to know would a platon membrane do the job and also does the membrane go straight on the wall and does the wooden frame come between the membrane and plasterboard?
The other way I have been advised is to use bitumen, a metal stud frame and then damp proof plasterboard.
Which would be cheapest and which would be best?

How much would the proper way cost, the damp is not that bad theres no wet spots anywhere.

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The platon membrane is fixed to the wall with plugs similar to rawlplugs with a round washer type end, you put a special mastic rope around this when you hammer it into pre drilled hole through the membrane it seals itself there is a hole in the plug which accepts screws, you screw battens to this then fix plasterboard to batten, the space between battens can then have insulation inserted sounds complicated but is quite easy .
So thats membrane, battens then plasterboard.
Bitumen not for me.
Good luck steve

Answered 17th May 2011

SL solutions

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Hi mamalik thats right membrane is fixed to wall stud work & boards to front of membrane then skim also you can plaster direct with bonding plaster & skim scratch coat first next day float & skim. Membrane is not the cheapest but is the best . You didnt say if cellar was wet if so then drainage channels & a pump come into the equasion hope this helps regards kevin

Answered 17th May 2011


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Hi Mamalik1
If you want cheap go with the Bitumen,galvernised stud and Damp Proof Plasterboard??? Not seen Damp Proof Plasterboard unless you meen foil backed maybe!
The Membrane system isnt cheap but over the course of 14 years of using it,i cant fault it.You would fix the membrane to the wall by drilling into it and hammering fixing plugs that seal the hole with a waterproof barrier,either a sticky rope/tape or a manufactured seal fitted to the plugs and the plugs have a hole/thread inside to take a screw so you can fit battend directly to it.
Floor membrane is floating and its all sealed by a 6" corner tape.
All basements differ and some only need a basic system where as another may have so much water ingress that 2 pumps are needed in a sump chamber to pump out of the building to keep it dry and safe.
15ft x 15ft isnt a huge area so im sure you could find a competitive quote and happy in the knowledge you have a dry cellar and safe for storage.

Hope i was help to you and good luck.

Scott Cannon
Cannon Preservation.

Answered 18th May 2011

Cannon Preservation Ltd

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Hi we are Approved contractors for Biokill Crown which we purchase all our damproofing equipment from. In this case i would recommend 'Newton Lath' a product which comes in roll form and achor fixes to your masonry. The mesh roll is easy to cut and shape and installed correctly would be a permanent solution to either rising or penertrating damp. The product once installed can be either plastered with sand and cement and skimmed or dot and dabbed with plasterboard and skim. In terms of cost this is affordable done correctly once, and the future benefits are of more value still. Depending on the severity of the damp ingress, there maybe further need for damproofing the floor or wost case scenario a sump pump instalation. Best of look Perry Mobbs JPL Construction Ltd

Answered 17th May 2011


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Cheapest method and most successful method would be to use a vertical membrane. Bitumen membrane is not the best method its only a thick paint. Then frame the whole cellar out using tenon track and stud. Its made from rust proof tin then plasterboard the stud frame making sure you allow 2cm gap at the bottom for air flow. This allows your brickwork to breath and release moisture naturally.

Hope this has helped.

Kind Regards

SDX Construction

Answered 18th May 2011

SDX Construction Ltd

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