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Can a fuse box be mounted directly on the wall?

Hi, we are installing a new fuse box in a property we're renovating. It does seem that most fuse boxes are mounted on a panel of some sort (wood, melamine, etc), but we can't find anywhere that states it as a requirement. Can anyone tell me if there are guidelines to mounting fuseboxes please?

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Fuseboxes can be mounted directly on the wall, if the cables are to enter from the rear. As the top surface of the fusebox must remain compliant to IP4X standards, that means that there must be no gaps around the cable entries (if cables were to enter via the top surface), that could allow a small diameter wire or other small foreign object to enter the fusebox enclosure.

As such it is common to mount the fusebox on a plywood board and space this approx 25mm off the wall, this allows the cables to drop down behind the wooden mounting board and enter the fusebox from the back (rear side). This is both a neater job and fully complies with the regulations.

Please remember that under Part P of the building regulations you are not permitted to carry out DIY electrical work in your own house until you have applied for and been granted consent from the local authority building control. Most local authorities charge around £200 - £300 for part P consent and will get their inspector out to test/verify the completed works meets the regulations. - If your not aware of Part P of the building regulations please look at the links below for your own safety and to avoid a potential £5000 fine.

Part P was introduced in 2005 after an MP's daughter was killed;




Hope this helps, please click on "like" if it does and be careful as more and more people are getting fined these days.

Answered 28th Feb 2013

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Hi, Yes you can fit a consumer unit/fuse box to a wall, either brick or stud, without a mounting plate. The only requirement is it must be accessible and securely fitted at least 150mm away from a gas meter. There are other considerations to be taken into account but hopefully this information useful.

Answered 28th Feb 2013

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The short answer is yes it can be mounted on the wall, as long as it is totally enclosed - ie has a back to it
However, are you aware that under part P of the building regulations, it is a criminal offence to replace a consumer unit unless you inform the local authority first or you are a registered domestic installer? It carries a maximum fine of £5,000
Check out www.evergreenelectrical.co.uk and click on "building regulations"
Brian Coleman

Answered 1st Mar 2013

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The consumer unit can sit directly on the wall yes.

The advantage of installing it on a supporting frame that is spaced of the wall is that this allows cables to pass behind the consumer unit and enter the enclosure from the rear. If the cables enter from any side / top or bottom, then the entrance holes must be sealed so that fingers cannot penetrate the enclosure.

Another advantage is to help keep damp / moist or a possible small leak running down a wall away from the enclosure such as in a garage. It is now normal practice to mount the unit directly on the wall.

Hope this helps, and I also hope you have a professional doing this for you.
GPS Electrical

Answered 1st Mar 2013


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A fuse box can be mounted straight to a wall. The only reason they are mounted to a panel of wood is to make it easier for the installer to fix everything without having to drill and plug everything to a wall.

Answered 1st Mar 2013

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