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Spiders nest

recently i have taken to the recycling center rubbish into my van rocks,soil,fencing and from that moment i have spiders into my van,i killed already like 5 of them.but still i can,t get read of them and they are quite big and the worst they make all the web into my front cabin as i have bulkhead fitted and all the time i have to check the sun blinds for more spiders,there i found hiding the previous 2
is insect spray killer or some poison to get read of them for good and i have cleaned my van properly with chemicals and still no victory
many thanks in advance for you time
regards peter
capital fencing ltd

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spiders are great and completely harmless ..they will get rid of all the nasty midges that fly around your van ..they are also very smart so all you need to do is leave a note asking them to leave and they should oblige can a big fat hairy builder be scared of a few spiders ..good job you dont work in australia


Answered 18th May 2011

I agree KB........big girls blouse! ;0


Answered 21st May 2011

Did you use the spider to catch a fly,if so
You will need a bird to catch the spider,if that does not work
You will need a cat to catch the bird
Then a dog to catch the cat
and so on & so on
Alternatively a good squirt of insect repellent should do the trick
Good luck i hate spiders.


Answered 17th May 2011

i take it you have a cd radio in the van ,if so play lady ga ga continuesly all day ,spiders hate ga ga
regards mitch


Answered 18th May 2011

Here come's spidervan...

Seriously, I had the similar thing with slugs in a brand new van, although the buggers hid behind the dashboard during the day, at night they were doing a foxtrot across the windscreen....the next morning you could hardly see out. I ended up putting a pot plant in the back at night. At 1am one morning I went out and there were 36 slugs eating the plant. Took a few nights to get them all, but been slug free for 5 years now.

Spiders don't like anything that you spray on them. Dash cleaner, cock pit shine etc... mr sheen polish, hair lacquer if you use it? anything like that seems to make them freeze and keel over when it dries. Works with wasps too. No need for insecticides...


Answered 18th May 2011

I get these little pests in my van as well, i look at it as being part of the game? trying to find them is a nightmare, getting rid is almost impossible as they can be anywhere. ur just have to get rid as U see them mate, Could always ask in a good pet store if they have anything like a flea bomb or something simuler to let off in the van an see if that works? but U got to keep ur wing mirror spider mate? get a web at night, usually a good day..


Answered 18th May 2011

hire a skip if you dont want spiders in your van or get yourself a trailer.


Answered 19th May 2011

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