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136 Stonemasonry questions

Brick cleaner caused staining to new stone

Hi, I have recently installed a very large piece of cut stone as a lintel to span a fireplace opening in my house. Once it was finally in and level, we cleaned it up with a diluted mix of brick cleaner as usual - we have used the same stone many times for lintels and hearths etc.

Typically when i do it on my own house, what can only be described as rust coloured staining has appeared in patches on the stone but also seems to concentrate on the edges of the lintel where it gets considerably worse and in some areas is now bright orange (stone is buff in colour).

Can anyone please shed any light on what may have caused this and more importantly what i can do to get rid of the staining... I'm assuming it must be something to do with the brick cleaner because on the back side of the lintel where it wasn't treated the stone is not stained. I unfortunately can't remove it and turn it round as there was a chunk missing out of one edge where it was damaged in transit and it is really heavy!!! took three of us to lift it into position.

Mortar for granite garden planters

I intend using a cement/sharp sand mortar with dressed granite blocks for some garden planters on either well compacted slate or concrete base. I realise that this is relatively small-fry but can anyone recommend a mortar mix, method and would I need an additive? Thanks

What is the best way to restore an internal stone wall please?

We have a stone wall in our house which runs floor to ceiling in the hallway. We are renovating the house and the wall needs repair, repointing, and cleaning off.
We've started just with hammer, chisel and wire brush.
Can anyone recommend the best way to tackle this job, the right tools, the best way to clean it off? (the flooring round it is wooden floor and carpets)
Also any advice on if it should be sealed after it is done. It looks very dull after the wire brushing.

fitting a limestone/sandstone fireplace

Hi All. Ive acquired a fireplace made in some kind of light coloured stone - limestone, sandstone maybe (definitely not granite) and need some advice about fitting it. It comes in several pieces - side supports, mantel shelf, the hearth is four bits, and then the header?
The person i got it off said they never had it glued or stuck down other than with a few bits of wire supporting the side columns - everything else slotting together and being held by it's own weight. They also didn't say anything about bedding in the hearth.
I'm slightly concerned about this given the weight and so am not sure which way to go. Ive read that i should use a portland cement to lay the hearth and then tile adhesive between the other sections.
When i come to wire together the side columns does the eye/screw in the wall need to be recessed so that the parts can sit flush to the wall? and how exactly do you go about wiring it together - there's a wire hook on the side columns so i guess just a piece of strong wire through this and then around the screw/through the eyelet - the bit that im struggling to envisage is where the wire goes - will it not get in the way?

Hopefully i've asked this in the correct place? if it seems a task too difficult for a novice i'll call someone in as i dont fancy having all that weight sitting in the room unsupported! if i go down this route - who do i call - a plumber, builder etc.?

i had someone out today to fit it after coming to the conclusion i wouldn't be able to do it properly myself. The chap said he didn't think it was real limestone and instead some kind of fake, maybe veneered something? it doesn't bother me particularly since i acquired it for free and it looks nice but i'm curious to know if theres any obvious way of telling? it seems awfully heavy if it is veneered backed mdf so what else could it be?

How does a relieving arch work?

I sort of understand the basic concept. The relieving arch relieves pressure on a lintel below it, so the lintel doesn't crack under the weight of the wall above it. But if there is a solid wall in between the lintel and the arch, doesn't the whole weight of the wall come down on it anyway? Don't you need to have *nothing* in between the arch and lintel for it to work properly?

Moist/Wet bricks on gable end of property.

Hi, I have just bought a repossessed property which had been empty since March 2011, with no central heating etc running in the house until 18/12/2011. It is a semi-detached house and the gable end side of property, all the bricks seem wet and moist compared to other properties in the area. I have viewed the home report and there is nothing in there to say there is damp of any sort. Could this be due to the cold weather and the fact the house has been shut for many months, with no heating or ventilation etc. Any help will be appreciated.

Sandstone cill repair

I have sandstone chills in need of repair,crumbling at the edges.
What can I use to repair them? Can I use mortar or do I need something designed for stone

Cladding a retaining brick wall with pavers

I have two ugly brick walls around 1.0 high. They are structurally sound. One is a retaining wall for a flower bed. One wall 3.6m long. The other 6.0m llong. The brick facings are shot and the pointing not pretty. I have a patio pack of indian sandstone each 25mm thick in sizes ranging from 290mm x 290mm up to 900mm x 600mm. I want to clad the walls to make them look fabulous again. Can this be done? Glue or mortar? How do I deal with any damp issues, Do I seal the damp wall first if so then... how? If mortar is used to fix what kind of mix. Any tips? Muchas Gracia. BZ

Drilling to break large sandstone and limestone boulders

What equipment do I need to achieve the above -types of drills, bits, and wedges. Are they readily available for hire and where? Any advice on procedure would be welcome.

I have a cement/concrete based ('Tyrolean'?) finish on my house and I would like it removed, how can it be removed please

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