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Our expert stonemasons have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as front door steps, mortar mix, removing cement and concrete, wall condensation, wall cracks, cleaning stone, repointing, weatherproofing, removing paint and much more.

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219 Stonemasonry questions

What type of mortar mix should I use for a rubble stone wall?

I've got a bunch of rough stone that I dug up in my garden, and I'd like to build a wall as a landscaping feature. I've heard different views on whether to use a cement mortar mix or a lime one. Wondering what people out there think, and why.

Whats the best lime mortar mix to use when stone walling?

What is the likely cost of repointing both walls of a two-storey, two-bed terrace house?

We are looking at buying a property that needs re-pointing and want to know the likely cost.
I would guess the walls are around 6 metres wide as the dimensions of the lounge and kitchen added together make 5.92m.

paint removal from stone

I have a mid terrace 1890's which has the different coloured stone front surrounded by bath stone. it has been covered in paint and would like to know what the best method of getting it off is and where any tools i need can be purchased.

Which tradesman would I contact to build me a new step outside my front door?

I know this sounds silly but I want a new step built outside my front door and i'm not sure whether to post it under Stonemasonry, Driveways or Bricklaying! The current step is a really cheap one made out of 3 bricks with a slab on top, it's really easy to trip up it. I'm looking for something much more substantial. Thanks in advance.

hole in bedroom for for a glass panel

in brief,i want a stain glass panel fitted into the bedroom wall,to which backs onto the stairway,the house is made of stone,the hole is accesseble without the need for ladders or scaffold either in the bedroom or stairway,the panel would be approx 4 feet in height and 3 feet in width,i basically want a tradesman to create the hole ready for plastering.

my question is...what tradesman does this?

Do I need to apply SBR to underside of INDIAN SANDSTONE patio slabs?

I plan to put down 100mm type 1 MOT and whacker plate it with a 1:80 fall sloping away from the house, followed by 50mm mortar which will be 4:1 sharp sand to cement, as long as this is all correct, please can someone advice if I actually need to apply SBR to the underside of the INDIAN SANDSTONE slabs prior to laying them on the mortar bed? I've tried looking online but get various answers which also depend of the type of stone used, and some saying it'll be ok if you just wet the underside of the slab with water first which will stop the slab absorbing all the moister out of the mortar . A definitive answer would be much appreciated.

Remove paint remover off sandstone slabs

Paint was spilled on some of my sandstone slabs and the decorator put paint remover on the affected area, left it overnight and now he cannot get it off and walked away leaving me with spoiled patio area that is only 3 months old. Is it safe to try cementone brick acid to remove the paint remover bearing in mind the sandstone slabs were sealed with two coats of prior with one coat sealant. Help!

Render on top of Bath stone capping?

Hi... I have an old sandstone garden wall which was capped with what I believe is Bath Stone (we are only about 30 miles from Bath) approximately 5" thick. It was constructed back in 1898. The surface of the capping has long gone and prior to me moving in I'm told a simple cement render, maybe 1/2" or 3/4" thick, was put on top of the badly eroded capping (2 or 3 times over the years I'm told). Each time the render has eventually cracked and broke free taking a little more of the original stone with it. Is there a means of rendering this capping so that it better matches the original and will last for more than just a few years? I've been looking a K-Rend on top of a mesh of some kind with a water-proofing additive - would this work? Thanks in advance.

what is the best mortar mix to repoint an old rubblestone cottage

cottage is approx.150 yrs old

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