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88 Security Systems questions

House alarm panel is dead with no light on.

The house alarm started buzzing in the morning with the green lights on the panel turned red and flickering. I punched my pass code few times and it became quiet. After few hours now I have no light on the panel.
Theres is fuse box next it with 2 amp fuse which i have changed but still on life on the panel. Is it possible that the battery is gone off?
How do I check if battery is dead? otherwise what should i do?

Part P Accreditation

To install outside security cameras do the installers need Part P accreditation ?
Thanks in advance

Door safety locks on amazon

We are thinking about upgrading our security at home and are wondering if door level locks or a bar is more safe and durable? Also, which brands would you recommend? Is diyife a trustworthy brand?

extra security for upvc doors

Are there any extra locks etc that can be put onto upvc doors and can complete new handles be put on at same time as locks.

Replacing battery in alarm control panel - is this a safe/easy job?

We have a Scantronic 9448 alarm and think the battery in the control panel has gone as we cannot disable the alarm if the mains power is cut. Otherwise the alarm works fine.

Is this something I can safely and easily sort out myself? I am not massively 'handy' but at same time don't want to call someone out if this is a 5 minute job!

Also, should I turn off the mains power before I open the control panel and change the battery? I would prefer to keep it on as I don't want the alarm sounding the whole time, but I don't want to electrocute myself!


Smart locks best brand

What is the best known brand for a smart lock for the front door? Also, do you know if these smart locks work with Alexa?

No power to burglar alarm

Our burglar alarm refused to set when we went to bed the other night. I googled it and everything seemed to be suggesting it was the battery. We bought a new battery and it worked for 24 hours and now its broke again which suggests there is no mains power going to the alarm and it had run the battery flat. Can anyone suggest any solutions. The fuses are clear and don't appear to be blown but we haven't changed them.

Can I change old burglar alarm panel for new (honeywell optima compact gen4 panel) without sounding the alarm?

I've recently bought a new honeywell optima compact gen4 panel to replace my old one. I've switched off the mains and disconnected the battery at which point the alarm sounds. Is there anyway I can turn the alarm off whilst I change the panel?

Wired Security alarm system surface layed

I have just purchased a 3 bed house which I have rewired completely. I have noticed my WIRED home security system is is surfaced layed under the old carpet. It's a good alarm system. I have asked my electrician to chase the same wires into the wall whilst running the new wires inside the wall. He has stated he doesn't touch alarm systems! But all I'm asking him to do is just chase it into the wall not rerun it.

Is this normal?

I now have a wired alarm system with excessive white wires running throughout the house. What makes it worse the wall have now been plastered

Any guidance is appreciated,

UPVC Door handle just spinning

Hi all , went to open back upvc door and handle i just sppinning . Cannot unlock or open door . Do i need a lock smith or is there anything i can do myself to open door ?

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