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charged £1260+VAT for 3 layer felt green mineral top layer, but bill says3 layers= underlayer laidfullybonded in hot bitumen,toplayer laid fully bond flashing drip, aluminium solar paint. same thing?

Quote said this:
Flat roof:
-Strip off all existing roof felt and stones and dispose
-Remove guttering and dispose
-Apply hot bitumen base layer
-Apply 3x layer felt system with green mineral top layer including drip
-Supply and fit new guttering to front edge
For the sum of £1,260.00 + VAT

But rec'd invoice today and it says this:
3 layers consist of:
-under layer laid fully bonded in hot bitumen
-top layer laid fully bonded in hot bitumen to newly formed flashing and welted drips,finish coat
-aluminium solar reflective paint

Is the work that they have done, the same as what they quoted me for, and if not, is it of less value, not proper layers? Grateful for quick replies, have had a lot of trouble with roofers and letting agents recently!
Thanks in advance.

Are dry ridge roof tiles any good?

Mine lasted less than 3 months!

Whats the best roofing to be used on a flat roof garage?

I am buying this property and the survey has revealed: This is a double tandem garage/workshop attached to the right flank. There is an asphalt flat roof covering to the whole of these areas. Evidence of some lifting and splitting was noted on the asphalt and whilst no penetrating dampness was noted at the time of inspection, this membrane is anticipated to have a limited future life and you should legislate to replace in the near future.There is significant wet rot on the timber framing elements to the rear and rear right and these should be cut out and replaced accordingly.

Blister on GRP roof

I have blisters on a new GRP flat roof. Other than it being unsightly will this be a problem in future with potential leaking and is there any way of rectifying this before it gets worse?

Thank you

i have a flat concrete roof 17m by 12m. whats the best way of roofing this area without adding too much weight or a full pitched roof please?

Does the felt under the tiles need replacing when you get your guttering and fascias done?

I had a job done by st helens windows. A conservatory, guttering fascias and soffits, all the windows and the front door.

They have just finished and I have had a look around. The canopy on the first floor i noticed did not have any felt from under the tiles into the guttering. i asked them about it and they said that was not included in the price. So i said when i got a quote before they came the roofing guys said they would strip the tiles back and re-felt everything. So i naturally thought if st helens windows were going to do it they would do it properly like i quoted.

However they have offered to re-do the bottom canopy but now im worried that they haven't done the actual roof.

They said that because the roof bit did not have a soffit it did not need refelting. Now again before i went with st helens windows the roofing guys said they would strip back and do everything.

Am i being picky for wanting the felt doing on the roof or are they right in saying it does not need doing?

Please any advice would be great


17th Novemeber, Thank you for your responses they have been informative and very helpful.

We went down to the house and spoke to the lad who came around. He came to put in the drip felting. I cant remember what it was called but it was black plastic thing. He removed the tiles and but it beneath the tiles into the guttering.

which I am happy about because it is peace of mind and since we are getting new plastering put in we dont want damp problems.

But still, it would of been nice to be able to trust a company to do the job right first time :(

thanks again



Is there a legal requirement, in accordance with Health & Safety, to have scaffolding erected when conducting roofing repairs?

Fibreglass roof

Is it possible to use a different brand of top coat to the resin base. The base has hardened so we have to prep again?

During heavy rain I can hear drip in unused chimney

The property is over 100 years old and is an miners row style terrace cottage - we are end terrace. We had full roof replaced when we moved in two years ago. at this time the roofer asked if we wanted to knock off the chimney stack, but we kept it. recently during really heavy rains we can hear a loud drip in the area of the chimney in the upstairs of the property. I dont want to ignore this as concerned it may show later as a damp problem. We dont have sign of water or damp in the area of the chimney in either the upper of ground floor. We cant see any external damage. What could this be? Should be have this checked over? It only happens during heavy torrential rains.

Are these asbestos slates or standard slates?

Hi. Buying a house which looks like an old cottage but is actually an ex council house built between 1935 and 1946. I wanted a quick purchase and wasn't bothering with a survey as had a good check of the place and it's in good structural condition. But someone just told me they thought the roof slates look like they might be cement asbestos and not real slate. I have a photo but not sure how to add it. Spoke to an asbestos surveyor who now wants to survey the whole house which has freaked me out.

I think I'll forget that - I'm not planning on any renovating. Anyway - I think the roof is ok if left, but at 70 to 80 years old I'm thinking it's going to need replacing at some point quite soon (if it isn't real slate). And then it could be tricky or expensive.

Any advice if it is a cement asbestos roof? Will be looking in the loft later this week just to make sure there isn't anything else lurking up there.

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