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Which roofing material should I use?

Firestone EPDM roofing , green mineral felt, heavy duty polyester based roofing membrane ? What is best ?

Debris/Cement falinf from the underside of roof into loft

Debris /Cement falling from the underside of the roof into the loft making this area dusty & messy also creating a couple of slight gaps between the tiles allowing rain to leak in during very heavy rain/wind.
I have considered foam spray to seal the underside of the roof to stop the debris/cement falling down into the loft space but have read a few negative reviews about this method. Is there another quick non-expensive way to fix this (unable to afford a re-roof at the current time). Thanks

Coating existing roof tiles?

We have recently purchased an 1930s semi and the original clay roof is on its way out (discovered in survey). We had one roofer (tried to get more) look at it before we purchased and he agreed with the survey that it is need of complete replacement.

However my wife had a knock on the door from a company (i can give name if wished) claiming to be able to restore the existing tiles by re coating them. They claim they will replace tiles if needed but will try to just clean and coat the old clay tiles. Is this really a good idea? Sounds to me like they will simply cause more damage as they coat try and coat and clean them and leave us worse off. Is this common practice? What are your thoughts?

I have recently noticed that the roofing felt under my tiles is considerably frayed and in some parts missing where it overhangs into the gutters.

Is this a problem? I heard that such felt could contain asbestos fibres. Is this true?

Been quoted for ridge tile replacement. Not convinced it's needed - advice please

Many thanks to everyone who's responded to this question. I'd never used this site before and really wasn't expecting much of it. I'm now using it to find someone to do the pointing work. Thanks again.

A roofer has called at my house and offered a quote for replacing all ridge tiles. As no obligation I took a quote for ridge tiles plus repointing one chimney & reducing height of a second redundant chimney - £1,700. Seems a lot. Also, not convinced ridge tiles need to be, or ought to be, replaced. Can see gaps at bottom of some of them but all seem sound and no sign of any loose. Chimneys definately need repointing but don't want to fork out that amount for something that may not be necessary. Do you think they may be offering unnecessary work? (For what it's worth, they're a very new company - filed new incorporation documents September 2009 - and are currently doing a lot of roof work on a number of nearby properties)

damp patches on chimney breast wall

Every time it rains i have some damp patches that seem to appear on the chimney breast wall in the bedroom. Most of the patches seem to be low down on the wall. Any suggestions?

Should I give a deposit up front before the work is carried out?

How to get rid of squirrels in attic?

I have (probably) unusual problem - several squirrels decided to take residency in my attic.
They ate through plastic went to get in and I'm struggling to find the way to get rid of them. Any suggestions how to deal with this issue, are there any particular things can be done to block all entry point for them for good?

Condensation in attic

Our attic has some condensation which was particularly bad when we had the cold snap. As a result, a lot of our things up there are mouldy and had to be thrown away. What would be the best course of action?


Sun Tunnel

The house I am buying has a dark staircase and also another room that has no windows and both are in need of some natural light. I have seen the sun tunnels/sky lights (eg
and wondered if anyone had any experience of them and whether they are any good and how much one would cost to fit? or any other solutions?

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