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Roof Verges: Repoint or plastic

I have a modern 4 bed detached house with two gable ends and two other verges over windows. I recently lost a chunk of mortar/cement out of a small section and am trying to decide whether to have it all checked and re-pointed or go for plastic dry verges. Any thoughts on price for each and if repointing what is the best mix for the job?

sprayed foam roof insulation

have you got som experience with sprayed foam roof insulation, is it good or not? Does anyone do it, how much it cost per square meter, in what depth is it installed ???

thanks for any advise

I am planning to re-roof my garage using 2mm torch-on felt. The garage roof is about 19 feet long and only has a shallow gradient. Do I need to fit an underlay?

does a new roof require building permission or approval

Lead valleys cracked and allowing water to leak in roof, what are my options to fix ?

roof tiles are old and I want to avoid having to remove tiles or change roof.
thank you

Sandy mortar!

My builder has repointed repointed some of the barn roof tiles on the lower addition of my house. I am concerned that the mortar mix that he has used is very weak, as it has cracked and breaks easily. You can also crumble it away with your fingers as it appears to be very sandy. The builder has stated that he used a 1:4 mix as any stronger would crack the tiles. He's been back around but says it is fine, but i'm still concerned. Any advice please.

We had a velux window installed 3 years ago and its had constant leaks. Is it best to replace the window or is it possible to ever fix a leak?

Thanks for your replies - very helpful! We've had the builder back 2 times but he's failed to fix the leak and he's very difficult to get hold of.
It tends to leak during really heavy rain and the builder said that leaves in the gutter can cause a leak during heavy rain. Is this true? Gutter overflowing?(We do have a lot of tall trees, leaves and pine needles here).

How best do I convert a flat roof into a roof garden - i do need a new flat roof

My flat roof is leaking and it needs replacing but i do want to convert the area into a roof garden. I need steps coming down onto the roof from a higher floor and I would assume that these would need to be fixed to the roof/floor. So what type of flat roof should I go for and then should it be decked to make it harder wearing? help would be greatly appreciated

I have recently noticed that the roofing felt under my tiles is considerably frayed and in some parts missing where it overhangs into the gutters.

Is this a problem? I heard that such felt could contain asbestos fibres. Is this true?

Felt under roof tiles has split - what are the options?

Hi all. The felt on my roof under the tiles has split and perished. Is there any other answer then taking all the tiles off to replace it. Is there any other solution. Thanks....

Many thanks for all your input.. It's not a cheap job then coz it's the hole roof. Once again thank you all.

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