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how to paint onto new plaster

Apparently I need to do a mist coat or 2 to seal the plaster. Have been told to use white watered down emulsion to do this. I have a full tin of magnolia matt paint lying around, can i use this or does it have to be white?

Should I use gloss or satinwood for skirting, and doors?


i have just found out gloss discolours quickly. we are painting the whole house white and doing it ourselves. i wanted to ask what is the best paint to use for our doors, skirting, etc (wood). some of the wood in the house has already got gloss on it. some of it is bare wood.

i wanted to know what is the other paint you can use instead of gloss and if we use another paint do we need to take the gloss off that we already have on the wood.

i think we would rather go with the other instead of the gloss but what to go with satin or eggshell or is there something else.

i feel confused at the moment as i need to know wether to start stripping the gloss or not.

if i use this other paint on the wood what do i prime it with is priming it with normal emulation ok or do i need something else.

thanks in advance

painting on newly plastered walls - need to put any other surface covering on walls before painting?

I have just had my kitchen fitted and to cut costs I decided to do the painting myself. I have painted walls and wood work before but I have never painted newly plastered walls or bare wood before and want to make sure I do the job properly. The walls have been plastered really well and have a smooth polished finish. My final covering will be a dulux endurance washable emulsion.

I expect to need to do two coats but am wondering if I need to put any other surface covering before on the walls before I paint them?

Regards the kitchen ceiling, I am considering just painting this with a white silk or matt emulsion. Would this be ok? Which should I paint first - I know I will need to be careful regarding the edges between ceiling and wall and have brought some 'frog tape' for newly painted walls. Any tips on how to achieve a crisp join between walls and ceilings - or is it just patience.

I will also be painting the new wood frames and skirting boards with a satin wood. Is an undercoat or wood primer the best option prior to the satin wood covering.

which first wood work or emultion paint

when painting a room what should you i do first emulsion the walls or gloss the wood work. thanks in advance

My staircase has been transformed from varnish to white gloss. However, I'm wondering if the painter and decorator has done it properly?

I have a staircase and landing which was finished in a dark varnish. I hired a painter and decorator to paint it white. In his quote he said he would "rub down all woodwork, apply one coat of Dulux trade wood primer, then undercoat, then gloss to the woodwork".

Halfway through the job, I questioned him as they hadn't rubbed down the varnish to remove it all. He assured me that it would be absolutely fine and they had rubbed it down lightly. Effectively the varnish colour and glossy sheen appeared to remain in the parts they hadn't done at that point. When asking the chap, he told me that they would paint the white, then rub that down which made it easier.

They finished a week ago, and yesterday my four year old son threw a toy car which hit the woodwork and some paint has chipped off and the wood slightly dented (I would obviously expect some damage to the paintwork). However, the old varnish is showing through and it reignited my original fears

Am I expecting too much, or should he have rubbed it right down to the bare wood?

Fortunately, he's only just given me the invoice, so I haven't paid him yet giving me some leverage if he hasn't done it properly. However, I don't want to be unfair if he has done it properly and I'm expecting too much.

Many thanks.

Top 5 Best Paint Brands for internal walls

I've been told that duluxe and crown are the top23 brands for internal decorating.

However I am keen to determine if there are other paints brands which are just as good or even better than these two.

I've heard Wickes brand is pretty good

Guidance is appreciated

Need to gloss my living room doors as they have gone a yellow colour, is the only way of re glossing them to sand them down,as i have three door altogether,many thanks

Painted on new plaster with matt paint without applying mist coat first, and now paint is peeling

I have built an extension and had the walls plaster boarded and then plaster skimmed a few weeks ago. The plaster has dried and gone pink.

My decorator has painted the walls with a matt dulux paint without applying a mist coat first. He has painted a couple of ceilings and the walls in two rooms over the last two days. In a small area of one of the walls the paint is peeling off.

What should I do? Will the rest of the paint peel off or would it have already done so by now?

Any advice gratefully received

How do I prevent flaky paint in my bathroom?

I had my bathroom repainted (with bathroom paint) about 4 months ago, the paint on my ceiling and walls seems to be flaking off again. We don't have a window, only an extractor fan. We're fed up of showering with the door open, is there any other solution out there?

painting radiators

can you paint radiators with white gloss paint instead of raidiator paint? thanks

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