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I'm planning to convert my loft at some point but as a first step I am having it floored so it can be used for storage.

What should I think of having done at this stage so that the groundwork is there when we get around to converting it properly? It's a victorian terrace.

Attaching juliet balcony rail onto outside dormer tiles? advice?

Hi, i plan to attach a balcony rail on my loft dormer. My dormer has already been tiled up. What screws would i need to attach my balcony rail? without causing it to be damaged. My rail is about 32kg in weight so quite heavy. Do i use an m10 screw? not sure exactly where to go now.

Thanks for the answer so far.

Since it has already been tiled up. I was thinking of maybe taking off the 4 tiles that rail will hang from. Once I take that off I was thinking of screwing it on directly to the timber. I am not concerned if 4 of the tiles snap. Especially as it can be fixed back on with some glue. (Not concerned the most about aesthetics look at this stage) just really don’t want to detile since it’s all done.

We have a loft conversion that is extremely cold in the autumn/winter

We bought our house with a loft conversion already done. It was done 7 years ago. The room is great, however it gets so cold in the autumn to winter and even with heating on it does not help. Is there anything we could to improve the heat such as foam in the roof etc. The ceilings are plasterboarded with no access to the roof. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Landing and door widths

Is there a width regs to the landing walkway upstairs? it's an L shaped landing about 2m long then 2m long after the turn. Bedroom doors will open out onto the landing, so I would be assuming the landing has to be at least wide enough for the doors to open fully?

And am I then right in saying internal doors are min 750mm wide?

Do I need planning permission for loft conversion

Help with loft conversion!?

in my 1st floor flat i have a massive loft doing nothing but i want to convert it into a little den (lay a chipboard floor, put in a velux window and plasterboard it out and plaster it). It has rotwall between the joists, do i need to put celotex before i put plasterboard, don’t care about it being warm or cold up there, it’s pretty warm anyway? any advice??? thanks

Timber framed house

Good morning,
We have a two bedroom timber framed new build house and want to convert the loft, the roof trusses of which there are 7 in total are only made up of what looks like 2x4's, to be able to add larger (potentially 8x2 or 9x2) floor joists to cope with the extra floor weight, would i need to know which walls upstairs are load bearing? The total span of the floor will be 7 meters, so guessing i would run a timber from one end to the other and it will be supported in the middle by a load bearing wall?
Thabks for your help.
Ryan Fairchild

Fire escape window vs side dormer obscure glazing

I'm hoping to do a loft conversion which, due to the bungalow being semi detatched, will need to be a side dormer. I've read therefore that all windows are going to need to be obscure glazed and non opening below 1.7m, however have also read that every room requires a fire escape window no higher than 1.1m above floor level. I will be unable to comply to both.. is this going to stop me from being able to complete the loft conversion?! Any ideas would be appreciated.

Recently had self cleaning skylights fitted to loft. Bird muck fell on it three months back and still remains with other dirt. Self-cleaning doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions for fixing problem?

Cutting down sound through ceiling from first floor

Hi, just moved into a chalet, converted bungalow in 60s/70s. You can hear everything from upstairs through the ceiling, admittedly there’s no carpet at the moment as decorating but how can we cut down the sound of every footstep, every movement and the terrible noise when something fairly light is dropped. Other than underlay and carpet is there anything else on the market that isn’t too thick/deep as it’s low ceilings up and down. Thanks

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