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Upvc door key wont turn fully and door won't lock

My lock on my door stopped working a few days ago and I was advised that it would be a Eurolink cam lock and this was easy to change which I did today but the key won't fully turn still and therefore door won't lock. any advice

Removing eurocylinder

Hi, am trying to remove and replace a 3 star Yale eurocylinder. But it appears it's already had a cylinder replacement. And the grubscrews that hold the levers on have been rounded off!! Just after some ideas of how to remove them??

ERA Dead Lock Won't Lock / Unlock

I have an ERA dead lock fitted on my flat door and one day it suddenly stopped working, and I was locked out.

I was able to turn the key all the way to the very end as usual, but the dead bolt just refused to move. A locksmith came and pull the cylinder out a bit and suddenly it worked! He then kindly changed one of the long screws on the faceplate and told me it was caused by a misalignment.

However, I'm having the same problem again after 3 months, luckily this time, the dead bolt is stuck at 'open' position.

Please, anyone has any idea how to fix it? What is causing the problem? And how to prevent it from happening again?

Thanks very much.

locks for new french doors

can anyone advise on the best lock solution for a pair of french doors?

Please help with lock solution

Would really appreciate some help with this. We ordered a composite front door with multi point locking. The cylinder is a 35 35 avocet. I asked for the letter box in the bottom so someone couldn't put their hand in the letter box and turn the key. When the door was ready they said they had put the letter box in the middle by accident and gave me a discount which I accepted as we were worried about security on our almost complete house & wanted to get the door on ASAP. It's causing issues as we can't just lock the door and leave the key in the back and we need to change something but I don't know what the best solution is. The door isn't locked unless the key is turned but we can't leave the key in the back of the door at night in case someone put their hand through and turned the key. In the event of a fire we wouldn't be able to get out if the key wasn't to hand. So I thought change to a thumb turn - but our toddler could open that so too dangerous. And someone could still go through the letter box to turn the thumb turn. So then I thought we could add a sucurity chain at the top with the thumb turn. Then we could get out in a fire but toddler can't escape. However - This may seem far fetched but if we were away somebody could turn the thumb turn through the letter box and simply cut through the chain. Or force it to break the chain - as its only fixed into the composite door / a wall. Is there another option I don't know about? I'm very security conscious so want to make sure our family are safe! I would really appreciate your help on this! If the thumb turn is the option what cylinder would you recommend in terms of strength or are they all similar? Thanks so much, Claire

Update: thanks I really appreciate your answers. The door jammer sounds like a good option - so you'd leave the set up as it is but just add the jammer as even if someone managed to put hand through & turn key they wouldn't be able to reach door hammers?
Thanks also r&d locksmiths - that's v useful too

Keys getting stuck in barrel

The keys for the front door lock are getting stuck in the barrel and takes a lot of wiggling to remove it. It's a snap lock ( with the orange/black key ). Would spraying WD 40 into it help?

Lock on loft hatch

I need to get a lock put onto my loft hatch as I am renting out the house but leaving some things in the loft (no access is needed to the loft for water tanks or anything else and no valuables being left). It is an unhinged loft hatch that just pushes up. I don't want padlocks as they won't look nice, is there any other way to do this? Many thanks


Hi, I have tried a couple of times to remove the euro lock in my composite door but it won't budge. I have removed the retaining screw and turned the key to several positions but the lock just won't come out! Can you help me please?

How can I check the front door mechanism is compatible for a split sindle?

Hi guys I have recently moved into a new house. My front door must be locked from inside and out which is very frustrating. I understand i need to change to a split spindle lock, but I am unsure of how to check the current door mechanism is compatible for the split spindle handle. Can anyone help?.
Thank you.!

Resize uPVC door handles

I've got a fairly old uPVC door with handles on it which have 70mm centres.

I want to fit security handles, but these only seem to come in 92mm centres.

Am I safe to drill new holes in the door or should I avoid this?


Edit: I am also going to change the lock mechanism, so there is no danger of drilling through it. Therefore, is it OK to drill so long as it is just the PVC I'm drilling through? Thanks

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