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Should I lay flag stones on a bed of mortar or just sand?

I have an existing concrete patio and am going to lay flagstones over the top. The stones will be around 450 mm square.

What are the pros and cons of using a mortar base or just sand?

Why is it that my paving slabs have become uneven through time?

I have an upper patio area that is laid with Paving Slabs. However, through time, the slabs have become uneven, especially at the edges, and therefore, is very much a safety hazzard. Why does this happen? And, would it be a case of just putting some 'Sharp Sand' underneath the slabs to even it out again? Or would it be a case of redigging the whole thing out and re-lay?

Thanks in advance for your kind help


P.S. Hi all again, and thanks for the responses. How much do you reckon it will cost for me to do such work to make sure it wont be uneven again? My area of patio is 4.5 x 8m. Looking forward to your replies again.


Sharp sand or builders sand ?

I am laying a patio at home in a couple of weeks. The paving flags are between 22mm-30mm thick. Should I mix sharp sand with the cement or builders sand and should I use 5 parts sand to 1 part cement? Thanks.

Could anyone give me some feedback on pointing in guns. I am fed up with pointing in patios .

Are these guns any good, if so which make would you recomend or is it just another tool to waste away in my tool box.And also these dry brush in polymer type things same question really .I would be very grateful from anyone that has used either Thanks Pete.Thanks everyone I am still unsure maybe i'll bite the bullet and buy a gun, the resin sounds a bit pricey.The only problem wioth pointing as you go which I think is the best method is if the customer wanfs a different colour.

boundaries, whos side is whos??

We're due to start on a small extension to the front of a property, the next door neighbour, on the right as you look at the front of the property is one right misserable git and is saying we're not to touch his fence or enter his property!! we need to dig footings out and really could do with removing the panel, aswell as trying to point brickwork up - single story extension.
Could someone tell me what boundery is "our" clients, left or right as if looking at the front of the house... I'm hoping i can rip the panel of and shove it up his......!

Is a £100 per sq metre a going rate for indian stone supliied & fitted on a levelled, cleared area.

best a cheapest way to level a sloped garden? i would like 3 tiers

I want to level out my sloped garden. What is the best way of doing this?

How do you stop a tree stump from re-growing?

Have managed to cut a tree down to quite a low height but am worried about it growing back. It's too complicated to dig out the stump & roots - there's paving close by- so was wondering what a quick & effective way was to treat the stump so that the roots are killed off/ tree stops growing back.

Any advice, gratefully received!

I want to put some decorative stones down and embed some decking squares.

How do I prepare so that weeds don't keep coming through? Previous owner put down some stones and am forever pulling up weeds its a nightmare!

Many thanks to all who have made suggestions - I will definitely take your advice. Just waiting for some decent weather now. Cheers!

Paving over existing paving slabs

I have approx 280 450mmx450mm paving slabs, underneath is a base of hardcore I think then sand. I've had a garden man to quote for repaving, he says he wants pave over the existing slabs on a cement mix. As far as I know the ground is ok. Am I looking at trouble?

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