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606 Kitchen Fitting questions

Costs of fitting a kitchen?

How much does it cost on average for a days labour for a fitter to put in a flat pack kitchen?? Also how much should i be charged if the man has quoted me that it will take four days??? Any help would be much appreciated.

where is the best place to get kitchens from

i am buying a property which needs a new kitchen i would like to know where the best place would be to buy a kitchen for a reasonable price to have fitted by a tradesman. or would it be better to have a tradesman supply and fit?

does the cooker hob need a extractor fan?

had a kitchen designer in and he said we didn't need an extractor fan is that true?

Is it best to lay a tile floor first then install the kitchen units?

If my builder bought a kitchen from Magnet but won't show me invoices, Magnet wont show either

My builder is refurbishing my house as I got flooded 7 months ago. I've asked for invoices for my kitchen from Magnet but he has told me that he can not get them. I've contacted Magnet in regards and ask if they could give me costs of how much he paid for this at trade price but again they informed that "unfortunately I have escalated this to my line manager and he said under no circumstances can they forward me an invoice"

I've also invited them out to visit my house to look at how there tradesmen work with there produsts and at the beginning on the week he agreed to come out and now he is sayin " it will not seen kindly to the customer (builder) if Magnet attend my house"

Question is -
- is there a law or something put into place for a customer to see invoices
- am I not the customer? Even tho the builder bought products with my insurance money?

Why traditionally, are kitchen sinks fitted under a window?

What are the reasons for the traditional approach to fitting a kitchen sink under a window?

Are there any reasons not to fit one elsewhere or is it just convention?

at what height should the kitchen base units be set at before the worktops go on.

Min height required above range cooker fitted under chimney? Suitable chimney extractor?

I would like to fit a range cooker under a brick chimney which is 164 mm high from the floor. What is the min height required (gas/electric)? Is that a legal requirement of manufacturer recommendation? What kind of extractor can I fit inside the chimney?

Anything I should look out for? Thanks in advance.

Should I lay the laminate effect tile flooring in the kitchen before fitting the units?

The kitchen will be completely empty so I will be starting with a blank canvass. I thought it would be best to lay the floor first so that the edges of the units sit on top of the floor creating a nicer finish once the plinth is fitted. I have had conflicting opinions on whether it is best to lay the flooring or fit the kitchen first so any help would be appreciated. The units will be in a C-shape with an archway going into the kitchen as the entrance/exit.

If elderly mum just wants new units, worktops and sink without changing kitchen around is it best to get a carpenter or kitchen fitter

Sorry I got info wrong - the Units will need to be replaced altogether rather than just the doors renewing. But new units will need to fit in same places around the already existing pipework/electric sockets etc.

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