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Fix curtain rail to a concrete lintel

I bought special drill bits and still can not drill through a stone in the lintel

how to remove door off intergated dishwasher

Using expanding foam to fill a hole.

I have small holes in a number of different parts of my house, which I think the mice are getting in and out of.

Is expanding foam the best thing to use for this and how easy is this to apply?

Hole in outside wall from bathroom waste pipe

I have recently notice that where the waste pipe exits my bathroom to the outside of my house, there is a hole around the pipe of an excess 20cm x 20cm 9 which is a lot more than is needed) Bascially it looks like the void has never been filled.

I can see, when looking in from the outside house quite a length of the waste pipe into the void as well as the underside of a couple of floor boards in the bathroom. This my be the reason that my bathroom floor is always so cold.

What would be the best way of filling this space?

Thanks for any advise.

My front door locks and unlocks from outside,but inside it locks but will not unlock?

Can anyone help me at all? It all works from the outside, just not on the inside? Any ideas?

Is it possible to mount a 32 inch tv to a plasterboard wall?

I would like to mount my 32 inch television to a wall and hide the cables in my bedroom. The wall is an internal wall so has no brick work and I have been unable to locate the studs (if any) myself. The power socket and aerial point are already in place & I also already have the tv bracket, however I am unsure of how sturdy the wall is or how big/messy a job this will be. I'd like to know if there is a way this can be done?

Bathroom ceiling light pull has broken off


The light pull cord in my bathroom has broken off and I don't know how to fix this. Is it a simple job of buying a new cord, or will it need rewiring? Any advice would be gratefully received - my bathroom lights are currently on and I can't switch them off!

Thank you,


UPVC Door butt hinge adjustment included

Hi, I'm having trouble adjusting my UPVC door which rubs very slightly on the plastic wedge at the bottom of the door.

I believe the hinges are the butt hinge type, they do have a small Allen key on the inside of the hinge when the door is open but doesn't seem to do anything when I adjust it. I have screwed the top screw in, and pulled the bottom out a little hoping this would lift the door and allow it to shut without an issue.

Lock system works perfectly, the door just needs a little nudge to close propoerly...not too much...push with a finger or two gets the door closed but its clearly not perfect.

Link to picture below.

Any suggestions are appreciated!!

I have a crack in my shower tray. Can it be repaired or does the tray need replacing?

I have had a small crack, about 2 inches long,( looks like a hair lying in the shower tray) in the tray for a while but think it was just a surface crack. A wet patch on th living room ceiling tells me that it now goes all the way through. Is there anything I can buy to seal the crack or will the tray need replacing?

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