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what is the best and cheapest way to put a base down for a shed.

from quotes ive had this is a costly way to do a base?

how many individual bags of ballast will i need to lay a shed base, 10ft x 8ft x 3'' thick ?

Access is through the house and it will be difficult with a bulk bag.

How should an area be prepared for concrete pouring?

I have been clearing an area which is going to have a large concrete base for a shed and greenhouse to be sited on and have a walkway in between them.
The total area is about 250 SqFt (11' x 23').
The area has fence panels around it with concrete posts and those small concrete panels below the wooden panel.
I have cleared the aread and dug down -I just need to know how deep the concrete needs to be and if I will need harcore or is it ok to pour the concrete onto compacted soil?

I will probably get someone in to do the concreting but I'm trying to save money by doing as much as the preparation as possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice

Thanks for the quick responses B J D BUILDING/ROOFING & tm property services

Just out of interest what would I have to pay for someone to complete this for me - It's all dug out - just would need the hardcore & Cement pouring

how much will it cost to make a base for a shed/summerhouse 8m by 4m?

What size hardcore base would i need for a 8x6 garden shed?

There are so many types of bases out there I am confused as to which will be best.Access is through house I am told it can get quite messy.

shed base

How much ballast and Sharp sand would I need for a 6ft by 7ft slabbed shed base? Thank you

Rebuild demolished garage in garden - permission required?


I had a garage with my house (behind the drive - corner semi - side street entrance). The garage (pre-fabricated type) depleted over time and was demolished by the previous owner, however, the base is still present.

I'd like to build a new garage in the same place using bricks/blocks, a little wider than the original size and would like to know if I'll need planning permission. The garage is not attached to the house, in fact it it about 10/15m away from the house. The garage is in the corner of 90 degree fence between two separate neighbours, both also have garages, one close to mine (other side of fence and set a little bit back from mine but the two will overlap) and other neighbours is well away from my house!

Any ideas please, my local council is Bury. By the way, my garden is quite large and the proposed garage will not even cover 10% of the gardent land!

Thanks in advance

How do I keep my workshop dry?

I have a breeze block built workshop that has aslo been rendered and plastered internally with insulated platerboard and the ceiling is also insulated. The door and windows are double glazed. Most of the boxes in there feel soft as if it's sucked in moisture, there is no heating in the shed - how do I keep the building dry would I have to heat it even when it's not being used?

How thick should a concrete slab foundation be?

Hello, I'm building some outdoor kennels and runs and I have worked out that I will need a concrete base of 14.5m in length and 6.5m in width so 94.25sqm. What depth should the concrete go down to and how thick should the slab be? Also, should I use roughly 150mm of hardcore? Will the concrete slab need to be reinforced
and sit on two footings etc or will sheet reinforcing mesh be sufficient enough to stop cracking.

Thank you for your help.

Thanks for both your comments! - Pro Finishing Services would you mind explaining expansion gaps a little more? what material should I use for them?

I need to erect a wooden kennel and run for my dogs. What is the best surface to use? The kennel is a 4x4 inside area with a 4x8 run.

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