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Our fencing experts and joiners have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as sheds, wind damage, working around trees, boundary fencing, replacing panels, arris rails, installation, rotting wood, fence posts and much more.

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Concrete spurs any good?

HI .I have a fence with 3 loose posts and they appear to have snapped at the bottom as i can see a crack on one of them. I would like to fix the fence fully eventually but cant affford it at the moment. How good are the concrete spurs? would they support my fence for at least 9 months? It started with one panel and post leaning and now its 3 loose posts and 2 panels. The first one seemed to have been caused by the roots of our tree. I guess that needs to go too.

6 feet high x 20m fence price please- panels or closeboard??

I need a fence putting upin my garden. It is a new build house and only has a poor quality post/rail fence. I am wanting the fence 6feet high and its exactly 20.2meters long. I am wanting prices for panels fence and closeboard fence. Want the fence to be solid and private so suggestions/prices for both types of fences would be grateful.

hi i need to replace 2 concrete fence posts should i use postcrete if so how many bags per post thanks

Replacing the boundary fence

Do I have to let the neighbours know when I will be replacing the boundary fence?

Planning permission for fence?

Hi all,
I am planning to get a higher fence (about 140cm) and driveway gate to keep my dog from escaping. All of my garden faces the road without a pavement inbetween. Apparently I will need to submit drawings to scale for this purpose, of where exactly the fence and gate will go.

Who would I need to contact for this task?


Attaching new fencing to original fences

My neighbour, has replaced the fence that’s at the rear of our garden and the rear of theirs. They did so without speaking to us, but it’s better than the old fence. However we are left with a gaping gap at the bottom which is very visible from our kitchen and the boundary line has been moved back which means the fences at the side of our property which are only a year old are not now attached and are a 15 cm gap to the new fence. Do they have to rectify this? We want the missing gravel bored put in and the fences to be attached

neighbour raised land on their side

My neighbour has had contractors in and they have placed concrete gravel boards against my fence posts, as the ground has now been made higher will this be too much weight for the concrete fence posts. Also when I want to replace a panel their ground will fall into my garden. Is this allowed. I have a six foot fence that is know rendered a three foot one at one end and they can see over it so no privacy. They have also put hanging baskets and washing line on the fence also. Help what can I do please.

I have concrete posts with grooves for the end of the arris rails. How do I replace the arris rails without removing the concrete posts?

Many thanks to those who responded. I now have all I need to get on with it!

Ronseal fence paint on decking?

Ive heard mixed answers to looking to clarify.

Does anyone know if its ok to use ronseal fence paint to use on the decking?

Look like similar substances, both go on wood, but I dont want to screw up my decking.

How many bags of postcrete per post?

Hi, I am going to be putting up a fence soon using 75mm diam, 2.4m long wooden posts for 1.8m x 1.8m panelss. My soil is soft and sandy. How many bags should I use per post? Thanks.

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