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fascia and soffits - upvc cladding

I'm having my existing painted wooden fascias and soffits cladded with upvc and wanted to know if it is ok to just clad straight over the existing original ones or would that potentially cause problems as the existing original wooden sofits and fascia's underneath would have no ventilation once they have been clad?

Accoya sheet over ply?

Can I use accoya sheets to cover new but poor quality "marine" ply that was wrongly used as fascia, or should the ply be removed first to avoid compromising the accoya's stability. Not sure how much the stability might be affected, as the ply will stay dry once covered, as the join will be tucked well up under the (fibreglass) roof edging.
Thanks in advance

Building soffit over ventilation bricks

I am looking at getting my soffit fracas guttering re done. At the moment the soffit are at an angle parallel to the roof line, the builder suggested making them parallel to the ground ie 90° it would look better. However there are some existing air bricks inline with the top of the upstairs windows this would partially cover. Is this a problem? will it cause problems when we come to sell the house( building inspectors etc) any advice much appreciated thanks

Noisy felt on guttering

hi there, I moved into a new build house a year ago and noticed a very loud flapping noise at night when it was windy. So loud I could hear it throughout the house. I spoke to the builder who said it was whatever kind of felt he had used on the guttering, you could actually see it flapping when looking up at it outside. He initially said there was nothing he could do as the felt was needed to protect the guttering but after being persistent with him he agreed to try and stick it down with some sort of glue. He did this but just outside my bedroom and not around the whole house. I could still hear the flapping but maybe not as loudly and now a year later is it as loud as ever if not worse. I am still trying to get the builder to sort it out as I don't want another winter of sleepless nights. He is saying now that he will come *sometime* and fix it and that he might just have to cut the felt off. This worries me as he initially told me the felt was needed to protect the guttering. Can anyone please tell me if this is the case and if not what is the best way to fix this?


Can you cover existing soffits & fascias with upvc ?

Can you cover existing soffits & fascias with upvc ?
The reason I ask is the fascias on my garage hold up the roof tiles.

upvc of various coluors

does this include seamless guttering, soffits and fascia.

Soffit boards used instead of cladding

Housing association have hired a contractor to fit cladding, only to find he has fitted hollow 9mm x 300mm onto exterior wall. The wall had originally sodden cladding 22mm in width. Please advise

Metal or Plastic Guttering - which to choose?

What are benefits of one or another and which one is your preferred choice as an expert?

Should my brand new flat roof have a lip?


I have recently had a flat membrane roof fitted and today the fascia boards have been affixed. There is an overhang of the roof which which means I can see the timber underneath.

What length ladders do I need?

I have a standard 1930’s semi detached house with bay windows. What length ladders do I need if I want to start cleaning my own gutters?

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