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fascia and soffits - upvc cladding

I'm having my existing painted wooden fascias and soffits cladded with upvc and wanted to know if it is ok to just clad straight over the existing original ones or would that potentially cause problems as the existing original wooden sofits and fascia's underneath would have no ventilation once they have been clad?

Can you cover existing soffits & fascias with upvc ?

Can you cover existing soffits & fascias with upvc ?
The reason I ask is the fascias on my garage hold up the roof tiles.

Eaves support trays

I've asked two roofers to come and give me a quote to replace my guttering and downpipes on a 30 year old bungalow. One roofer has suggested that I have eaves support trays fitted as there are streaks on the fascia to suggest the felt has perished below the tile. The other roofer has said not to bother getting the eaves support trays fitted unless I noticed a problem. I'm really confused what to do. Is it important. The fascia wood looks absolutely fine. It is a low pitched roof. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

Accoya sheet over ply?

Can I use accoya sheets to cover new but poor quality "marine" ply that was wrongly used as fascia, or should the ply be removed first to avoid compromising the accoya's stability. Not sure how much the stability might be affected, as the ply will stay dry once covered, as the join will be tucked well up under the (fibreglass) roof edging.
Thanks in advance

Does it matter that my drainpipe squirts water when it rains?

When it rains heavily my drainpipe squirts water out of the bottom joint. Once when it was really heavy, it squirted out of a higher joint. I think that the water is not draining away quickly enough possibly due to some blockage underground. The water fills up the flower bed under our lounge window. Is this something that I need to get fixed or does it not matter? I am worried that the underground pipe may run under the driveway which would have to be dug up making it a big job. I don't even know what sort of workman I'd need if it needs to be fixed. I would be grateful for some advice.

Cast iron downpipe to UPVC

I am in process of replacing the uPVC gutters and have shared cast iron downpipe that is very close to external wall. Question I have is :- 1) is it worth replacing cast iron downpipe to UPVC ? 2) or is it worth just repairing cast iron downpipe as I can see minor leak at joints etc as have damp on inside wall.

When the cast iron gutter downpipe is removed , will it cause any damage to brickwork or any structural damage (as it involves neighbour wall as well) ? Roofer said he will cement the holes within holes and said that cast iron gutters are installed with very large holes.

Any suggestions or advise is appreciated.


Noisy felt on guttering

hi there, I moved into a new build house a year ago and noticed a very loud flapping noise at night when it was windy. So loud I could hear it throughout the house. I spoke to the builder who said it was whatever kind of felt he had used on the guttering, you could actually see it flapping when looking up at it outside. He initially said there was nothing he could do as the felt was needed to protect the guttering but after being persistent with him he agreed to try and stick it down with some sort of glue. He did this but just outside my bedroom and not around the whole house. I could still hear the flapping but maybe not as loudly and now a year later is it as loud as ever if not worse. I am still trying to get the builder to sort it out as I don't want another winter of sleepless nights. He is saying now that he will come *sometime* and fix it and that he might just have to cut the felt off. This worries me as he initially told me the felt was needed to protect the guttering. Can anyone please tell me if this is the case and if not what is the best way to fix this?


What thickness upvc

Hi, need wooden soffits and fascias replacing with upvc. 1 quotes states they will use 16mm upvc, is this correct? Also anything other questions I should be asking. Many thanks

Leak from gutter

There is a leak from the cement gutter. I have purchased Evercryl Roof Repair Grey 1kg One Coat but it is too cold to apply to the cement roof gutter.

Is there anything else I can apply in this cold weather?

Thanks in advance


Had so much problems with my front guttering

Hi, I live in a terraced house and have had three tradesmen work on my front gutter. I had a down pipe fitted because of the gap between them was too great originally. Then I had a new length of gutter fitted, attached to the new (relatively) down pipe. Then the gutter started to leak again where the gutter was attached to the down pipe. The tradesman refused to correct, therefore asked another tradesman to sort. He put a new box and replaced broken support bracket. He did not want to charge, but I insisted on paying him £30 for his efforts. The gutter still leaks and cannot contact him through his website, as it is not functioning correctly when sending him e-mails. I cannot unfortunately use the telephone. I feel that the gutter system needs to be removed and repositioned correctly, but as I have already spent £600 on these tradesmen I am loathe to spend more and just put up with the inconvenience. Realise this forum is not the right area for this sort of problem, but I don’t know who to trust after so many (so called) experts have messed up my front gutter. Regards. Stephen Midlane

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