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Where do I start with planning a single storey extension? How much should I be paying for architects plans?

I live in an average sized semi detatched house. I am planning a small single storey extension at the side of my house (approx 10m square) to extend my kitchen. I have done some research on the internet and looked at previous questions on here, but it's actually thrown up as many questions as it has answered!!
I'm not sure where to start as I don't know exactly what I want (just a kitchen extension or a smaller kitchen extention and separate utility room?) I don't know whether to get some building quotes first for a rough estimate or get plans drawn up first (will architects actually give me advice on what to have done or do I need to tell them exactly what I require?)
Also, I'm unsure if I need planning permission because although the extension is only small it will be going right up to my garden boundary. Do architects advise on this? (I don't want to pay for plans only to find I can't build what I want to).
On that subject, roughly how much would plans cost from an architect? (also, I've read on other websites that you can use a technician instead of an architect to produce plans. What is the difference?)
I understand the concept of planning permission, but I also keep reading about planning notices, certificate of lawfulness and building regulation fees. What are these and do I need them, or are they covered by planning permission if I get that?
Roughly how long will all this take, and how long to build the extension itself? (I am looking ahead to how much time I will need to take off work to be at home whilst the building work is carried out)
Sorry there are so many questions, but any advice on any of my questions would be appreciated. I will be looking for quotes from tradespeople on this website once I am ready to go ahead with this work (hopefully this April/May/June time)
Thanks very much, Janice

How near can my neighbour build an extention to my boundry, the size he is considering does not require plannning concent.In adition this extention is going limit view / sunlight can i object?

hi, what is the basic prize of an extension per sq m ? what does it include ? how do you know if the tradesman chosen doesn't over charge you? and how to you pay the job before or end of the work .


conservatory or extension

I need to extend the living room, which is long and narrow (7m x 2.5m) but I don't know whether I am better off with a conservatory (3x3) (already posted job quotation request) or a proper extension (7x2) with 2 Ftrench windows. What is the difference in cost? I'd rather have an extension. Would I be able to have one done, (with all electrics, plastering, French doors etc)for under £15000? Thank you

Extensions... what comes first?

Have now secured money in place for alot of work to be done on the house.
I'm wanting to extend a 1930's bay fronted semi here in the North West. The single storey extension is to include a garage, utility room, porch (overlapping the front door) and dining room.

My question is what comes first?
Is it builder, architect or council?

Planning should be no problem as many in my street have single storey extensions.
I also realise that builders have pet architects, and architects have pet builders.

Should it be a builder to come round first and quote on COULD be done for x amount. Or should I get the plans drawn up first for the builder to give me an accurate quote. In that case would the architect have an accurate idea of total costing.

Sorry if my question is confusing.

Can a conservatory be converted into a extension?

I have an conservatory, about 7 years old, dwarf wall, and I wondered if to cut the costs it would be possible to convert this into a single storey extension. I dont know the dimensions, but from knowledged the footings looked quite substantial, the floor is solid concrete. My thought was, remove the glazing, continue the drawf walls to full height and put on a roof.

I would guess this, if possible, would greatly reduce the cost of an extension

Damage to neighbour's property

Who is responsible to repair any damage on neighbour's property, caused while my builder was building an extension? The builder or us the owner?

Tying in to existing brickwork/ continuous cavity in new + old walls

Hi there,

We are in the process of adding a single-storey extension to our house. Both have cavity walls but the builder has used wall plates to connect the two walls without actually opening the existing cavity to make the new and old cavities continuous. No damp-proof membranes appear to have been used either.

It does not appear to be required by building regs but is this best/recommended practice?

The new walls are now at roof height and the carpenter has already started on the roof rafters.

Any advice gratefully received.

idea of cost for second floor extension only

hi, I am moving into a property which has a first floor extension and planning permission for a bathroom on the second floor which is yet to be completed

what would the rough cost be for building this second foor bathroom please? size is approx 3.2m x 2.5m, pitched tiled roof, block with 50mm insulation cavity, rendered exterior

I appreciate there are many criteria, but any rough ideas would be great

many thanks

Does anyone know of a user friendly estimating software for extension or small build costing that is designed for a small to medium sized company?

I'm looking for software to speed up our internal quotations for extensions etc If anyone uses a particular software key benifits would be greatly recieved.

I'm not looking for abuse such as KTL is giving. The software is for use by office staff to speed up the estimating process. I personally do not have the time to quote for the ammount of work we have come in verses management of staff, and material organisation, running the two maintenance contracts we have and also dealing with the day to day running of a growing business. This question is asked to professionals who see the benefit of such software. If I were a one man band flying around in a transit doing a few jobs a month, it's easy to deal with the quotation process and manage to work on the tools with the only headache being finding the nearest butty shop, but i'm a little beyond this now and there are not enough hours in the day!! I'm sure a professional can understand this.

Thanks for your input guys, and taking the time out to suggest some software, i'm sure your very busy and I appreciate it.

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