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Our driveway experts have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as tarmac v concrete, size and shape, paving options, problems with existing driveways, sealers, slippage, sinking, maintenance and much more.

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how simple is it to dig out grass next to driveway and lay gravel to park a car(its on a slight incline)

Mimimum depth of hardcore and tarmac required for residential drive

I am currently in dispute with my builder who has laid our tarmac drive but doesn't seem to conform to the basic measurements I have seen on other websites. The hardcore is no more than 2 inches and the first layer of tarmac is about the same pending the final layer of about an inch to complete the job. Are these layers acceptable and reasonable? The drive has been layed on bare earth.

my garden is 7.3mts by 6.4mts,what would it cost to tarmac or concrete and which would be cheaper

I have a 750sq m drive to do, what is the cheapest and best option

Thanks thats all very helpful but I dont really want tarmac or shingle I have remeasured at 700 sq m can I get block paviour at say £25 psm total budget £17,500

how long does it take to dig out a driveway? an average driveway that can accomodate 2 cars. driveway mainy grass , but a small area with concrete about 10% of the driveway is concrete

hiring somebody to do my driveway and i was told digging can be done in half a day

should my driveway be sinking and ponding in various areas. It is 64 m2 and has been lifted and relayed 6 times by the company for various reasons.

I had my drive block paved in 2008 by Professional Block Paving Co North East to the cost of £3500. Have had nothing but problems with it flooding and now sinking and ponding in various areas. It has been lifted and relayed 6 times over the past couple of years. Last year it started sinking in various areas of the main drive and also the pathway leading to the front door not majorely but enough to leave ponding areas of water after rainfall. Spoke to the builder who said he would get back to me in September of last year after he had looked at the photos but had no contact. I pursued the issue again this September and after the builder came out he said he would return when it is raining to see for himself but he also accused me of putting a hosepipe on it when taking the photos considering it was already raining and when driving over the drive in my car its like being on a mini roller coaster, also he has never been back or in contact even after i sent a final letter after my letter of action. He also states that its because its such a flat area and other various excuses. I feel that the only matter of action is to take this to court. Should the drive be sinking after this period ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Rob Mclean

blocked paved drive need concrete base?

i have an existing blocked paved drive that has sunk in parts, i want that drive taken up & a new blocked paved drive put in (cars go on it) - some of the companies that have quoted say i need a concrete base, others say i don't? there is a massive difference in the quotes because of this? i don't want to go with the cheaper quotes if the drive doesn't last, but don't want to go with the expensive quotes if i don't need a concrete base?

Driveway, Slabs or Blocks

Hi I have had two companies call to today to give an estimate to take up and renew a driveway (to take three cars) approx 77 sq m. The first said fitting slabs was not a problem as long as the base was well done, the second was adamant that fitting slabs was not possible and that it must be pavers or expensive cobbles, I must add the second was an approved installer for the paver company. Who is right please?

What is best Block paving or Pattern imprinted Concrete?

York stone Patio, 3m x 4m, layed 2 months ago, stone are loosening from cement.

Builder laid patio, without hardcore on clay. Convinced me I didn't need it. Second time it was laid in six months, same guy. Any ideas.

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