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How can I get rid of the asbestos roof of my garage and the garage per se please?

Removing an asbestos water tank


My family and I are moving to a house (circa 1964), for which my surveyor highlighted a suspected asbestos (cement) water tank.

I've been informed that this is the "safest" type of asbestos, and it not a hazard unless disturbed. However, on closer inspection I've found a pipe that has been fitted to the tank relatively recently, under which is a small pile of cement dust that clearly came from hole.

I know many people recommend leaving the tank, but we really want the thing out of our house, unless removing it in a safe manner is going to risk our health more than leaving it. We plan to stay in the house for a very long time.

We are very paranoid about these things, so would rather be over cautious simply for the piece of mind.

1) Is it work getting it tested to see if it is asbestos, because if it is not we have nothing to worry about. It sounds like it is highly likely to contain asbestos.
2) Is it worth getting an air test?
3) If we get it removed, and we want to be very safe (paranoid) what steps should be taken to remove it?
4) Considering the small mound of dust, once the tank has been removed is it worth getting the loft insulation taken up and replaced? Most of insulation is covered by boarding.

Many thanks,

do I need any permission to demolish a chimney brest in the ground floor living room and who is qualified to carry out this work for me

Demoloshing a bomb shelter

We live in Bristol and have a brick bomb shelter in our back garden (there is one in every other garden). We feel safe from the threat of a luftwaffe air raid, so we've finally decided that we want to demolish the eyesore! Is there any chance that we need to get permission before doing so? And then with such a thick walled brick building, what would be the best means of knocking the thing down? I guess dropping a bomb on it wouldn't work...

Can this be removed

Hi I have a box room pretty small and has a larg box like thing in it I think it supports the celling going up the stairs is their anyway this could be removed or made smaller as I'm wanting it for my son who is ready for his own room

How do I know if I have a load bearing w

How do I know if I have a load bearing wall? I want do knock half a wall down which has a doorway in it. The wall is in the kitchen an separates it onto 2 rooms. The wall runs the opposite way than the floorboards above it but the wall does not run the whole width of the house.

can i demolish airing cupboard wall after removing hot water cylinder to make my bathroom big and rectangle? is this ok?

this cupboard runs into the bathroom, reducing the size and amking it odd shaped bathroom.

What's the best way to remove/scrap gas oven & fire? How much should it cost? I am not able to take it to a local recycling centre myself as they do not fit my car.

bathroom/toilet wall removal

i have a small bathroom with seperate toilet next to it, the joining wall is pretty small it has a normal size door fram and is then just over the width of 3 strips of wall paper. i wish to remove this wall and put the doorfarme on the far side of the toilet as to make it all one room. is this small wall likely to be load bearing? there is no wall underneath nor above it.

Demolition of Swimming Pool

We have a 12 x 24 Liner pool, I would like a garden, so am looking at having it filled in. I understand the base should be broken up for drainage etc.

I'm wondering if it should be filled with hardcore and shingle, then topsoil and how this is packed to avoid sinking and affecting the foundations of the house. Access to the garden is limited, so I'm not sure how this would be done.

Any advice on cost, time and procedure would be appreciated.

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