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How can I get rid of the asbestos roof of my garage and the garage per se please?

Removing an asbestos water tank


My family and I are moving to a house (circa 1964), for which my surveyor highlighted a suspected asbestos (cement) water tank.

I've been informed that this is the "safest" type of asbestos, and it not a hazard unless disturbed. However, on closer inspection I've found a pipe that has been fitted to the tank relatively recently, under which is a small pile of cement dust that clearly came from hole.

I know many people recommend leaving the tank, but we really want the thing out of our house, unless removing it in a safe manner is going to risk our health more than leaving it. We plan to stay in the house for a very long time.

We are very paranoid about these things, so would rather be over cautious simply for the piece of mind.

1) Is it work getting it tested to see if it is asbestos, because if it is not we have nothing to worry about. It sounds like it is highly likely to contain asbestos.
2) Is it worth getting an air test?
3) If we get it removed, and we want to be very safe (paranoid) what steps should be taken to remove it?
4) Considering the small mound of dust, once the tank has been removed is it worth getting the loft insulation taken up and replaced? Most of insulation is covered by boarding.

Many thanks,

Demolishing my concrete

Hi I live in a council property but my neighbour's are homeowners and they have knocked down my shed and built a fence even though my shed was on my property do I have any rights

do I need any permission to demolish a chimney brest in the ground floor living room and who is qualified to carry out this work for me

Detatched brick garage leaving one wall up

I want to bring down a brick garage on my property but one of the side walls adjoins my neighbours and i want to leave it up to act as a fence, to ensure its secure what do I need to do? Can I cut the brickwork on the back wall to a sort of lower rightangle which i could form into some sort of seating area?

Removal of internal breeze block wall

Property I have bought has a 12m x 5m flat roof extension which is 2 years old. All the joists run from existing house wall/RSJ to the rear solid wall spanning 5m. Plans show they used easi-joists to make the 5m span.

The wall I am removing runs the same direction as the joists with flat roof above so happy it’s non load bearing, it’s about 4.5m long.

My question is what is the best way to start removal? Disc cutter down then SDS drill and chip away bit by bit?

Demoloshing a bomb shelter

We live in Bristol and have a brick bomb shelter in our back garden (there is one in every other garden). We feel safe from the threat of a luftwaffe air raid, so we've finally decided that we want to demolish the eyesore! Is there any chance that we need to get permission before doing so? And then with such a thick walled brick building, what would be the best means of knocking the thing down? I guess dropping a bomb on it wouldn't work...

Waste pipe smell

We have an internal waste pipe and while renovating our kitchen I removed some plaster to expose this pipe but the smell is foul. Is this normal or should i be worried about a blockage? Everything works fine.

How to remove presumably concrete floor?

Hi, we have bought a house recently and uncovered that the floor in our extension is not level. We need it level because we are removing some walls and making the kitchen bigger. We have removed first layer of the floor - some kind of concrete about 10-20mm in thickness went very easily. Now we have another level which is much thicker, around 5-7cm. It looks like concrete and has sort of yellowish colour. It's very hard to destroy but crumbles into almost sandy powder. What is it and what would be the best way to remove it?

Chimney breast removal

Is it possible to remove the chimney breast on a lower floor without taking out the one above?
The actual chimney in the loft and roof has been removed

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