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i had damp in my kids bedrooms out side walls,my housing came round and put up stud walls,but i can smell the mold and there is spoills on the new walls,what should i do?

my houseing said its condansation but why did thay put up stud walls?

We keep getting a musty damp smell, but not all the time.

The damp must smell comes and goes, we are in a single story old property, that was done up in the 1980, it had a garage changed to a bedroom. it had odd shower rooms in the bedrooms when we moved in, we had them taken out quite a few years ago. We have two pipes on the outside wall, I think for rain run off. We used to blame the smell on the old carpet they left, but it has been taken out. I'm not sure if it comes from the drains out side or the pipe work to the bathroom.
We seem to have the art of finding people to rip us off and not do the job, so we keep leaving this, but it really needs doing. Do we get a builder out, or a damp proofing company. Not sure what to do really.

I have mould under my windows,where is it coming from

My window sills have water,possibly from the condensation,but under neath I am getting about 1metre area of mould.Is it from the windows.

How to fix a damp wall

The front room wall, that is also the outside wall, has had damp appearing for the last year, ever since I had some boxes lent up against it. Now the wall has gone bobbly in places and yellowy, and is cold to the touch and clammy. There are cracks appearing too, but all just coming up from the bottom up to around 40 cm from skirting board.

Whats the best thing for sorting it out? Painting Anti damp stuff onto it, or will that cause it to spread further up the wall.? Or do I need more specialist work done on it?

Can someone tell me about air bricks

I have a damp problem under the floorboards in my dinning room - i think i have resolved the problem cauased by a leaking drain - but it still seems very damp down there. I just wondered what the ideal amount of airbricks are per property - there was once a chimney in the room, which has been removed - but the brickwork remains below the floorboards. Could that make a difference?

I moved into a new build property 2 months ago. The vents around the apartment are constantly open,Green fluffy mould an green dotted spors are appearing? Help?

The mould is only appearing in the bedroom only, and only on items that are either touching or close to the one wall. Our mattress is getting white fluffy mould with green speckles an smelling musty. Surely this is unhealthy an needs seeing to. My apartment is spotlessly clean an tidy an seeing mould appear is horrible. Iv had to throw away several of my items because the mould had ruined them.

Will air bricks solve Condensation

Hi. I have a lot of condensation in my property and I was told to get air bricks fitted in each room as this will stop the condensation. DO you think this will work??

Damp walls after bathroom refit

After a bathroom refit in July, a leak occurred. It's now November and it is still damp. How long do we have to wait until its dry? and is it ok when it is damp to apply the sealant?

Unhappy with price after accepting quotation

Has anyone ever had a customer kick off about the price after accepting a written quotation that you stick to? What rights do you have etc

Causes of mould?

We're in the process of buying a house and noticed two areas of mould:
1) above the window on the wall of bedroom
2) on the exterior bricks around the outside of the bathroom window

We have a home buyers survey booked purely to address this mould but we're wondering if it might be best to get a tradesman to come do a viewing with us!

Any ideas what could be causing these two areas of mould? Should alarm bells be ringing??

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