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Damp on walls and mould on clothes?

Hi there..we moved Into our house in July, when I was pregnant. I just went to try on some jeans, and they had mould on them. They are stored in a built in cupboard by an outside wall. We moved all the clothes and there's bits of damp along that wall. Nothing came up in any of our surveys, and the outside wall looks sounds, but unsure as its rendered.... Any ideas what we can do, or what we have to do to sort this? Apologies from a neurotic mum!!! Ps bub sleeps in this room,!!!

Mould in spare bedroom wallsl

Hi there in my spare room I seem to get damp/mould coming through the wall, not sure how to make this better as it does get really bad then it will go again but it's a on going thing,

Thanks Liam

Renovation project with 30yr old damp proofing

We've recently bought a fabulous renovation project and intend on doing everything to it. The house was built in 1908 and has a rendered exteriour with quite a few cracks, we did have a sctuctual survey done before we proceeded with purchase but it seems the cracks have come from a new road which runs along the side of the house causeing vibrations.
Anyway, back to my initial question...
When we purchased the house there was a damp proofing guarantee which was passed to our solicitor - this expired July 2014. As we've taken all ground floor walls back to the brick and intend in replacing the lintles above the windows. Is it worth or is it required, to have the damp proofing done again? And what are the average £ per sq mtr?
Thank you

How to trace source of damp patch on chimney breast? Chimney pot capped and stack repointed

There is a damp patch on the chimney breast which has been there for some considerable time. The chimney pot has been capped and the stack repointed. The chimney is built on the outside of the house.The patch is on the wall in the downstairs room. Originally there was a solid fuel fire now replaced by a gas fire which is rarely used. Rain does not automatically increase the size of the patch. Has anyone any ideas where the problem comes from or how to trace the source.

Could rain come through air brick and cause damp on internal wall?

- On the internal wall there are a wet patch on the wall . The floor around it is also a bit damp. On the outside, very close to the wet inside area, is an air brick.the air brick is not covered from rain. Could rain come through the air brick and cause the wet and damp on the inside? Thanks. Michael M.

Mould problems in terraced house - worth getting mould removal stuff to put in paint?


We have had damp proofing put in about 6 years ago. We have continuous problems with mould in the bedroom and in the kitchen/living room. Our house is a back to back terrace.

Our house is old, and therefore hasn't got any sort of ventilation, no kitchen fan/no bathroom fan. I don't think we can get air bricks put in as the house is stone, and we don't have any cavity.

At the moment we only have the walls painted. We are looking at re-decorating. Is it worth getting the mould removal stuff from a company online (100 pound) and they give you some sort of stuff to put in the paint for when its re -painted. If we put wallpaper on the walls, is it going to start peeling off? Is the anti mould paint any good?

Please help.

Damp between original ceiling & false ceiling...

Hi, I have a 1930's mid terrace house with a downstairs bathroom which has a short flat roof over the last 4 feet or so. It has 3 outside walls & although it has cavity wall insulation & double glazing, can be quite a cold room. Years ago, I gutted it & completely remodelled it. I also installed a false wooden slatted ceiling with spot lights & an extractor fan within the space between the new ceiling & the original ceiling. I added a hatch within the new ceiling in order to repair or replace the fan should it ever break down. I have opened the hatch today & discovered condensation on the original ceiling & the walls above the false ceiling plus what appears to be mould. I'm assuming that this is due to there being central heating within the room, a cold space above the ceiling, 3 outside walls & a flat roof... Is there any advice on how I can over come this issue with regards to the best way to treat it & how to avoid it coming back? Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks

Damp problem under bay window

A company cleared a damp problem in 1998 under a bay window. They did not replaster inside. I now have damp patches on the same wall could this be damp in the plaster still or the original problem?

High level garden causing damp

I am purchasing a property, which has a few minor damp issues, one of which is a high garden to the rear which is slabbed. It is currently close to the DPC and causing some damp on the internal wall. Long term I want to fix this properly but can anybody advise on a quick fix. The yard is shared and the slabs will all need to be lifted an relayed in due course, but just want to prevent damp this winter. The ground slopes toward the house but the paving is relatively flat, just uneven.

I was hoping to lift the slabs next to the house, dig a trench along the wall, say 12" wide and 12" deep, relocate the soil and backfill the hole with large gravel, then put the slabs back down, to improve the drainage so water cannot pool close to the DPC/Concrete floor. Would that be beneficial?

I think the next step would be to cut the slabs so they are 6" or so away from the wall. Beyond that I think lowering the garden would be the solution but it would be more expensive, complicated and involve the neighbour/freeholder approving it.

Additional: Chemical damp proof course has been installed very recently and there is also the original slate damp proof course

Can I dot and dab after an injection cream dpc?

Hello, does anyone know if I can dot & dab plasterboard to the wall after fitting a dryzone type injection cream? And if so what is the best way to do it?

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