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Gable wall very wet when raining

When we have heavy rain our gable wall becomes very wet. It is coming from the top of the wall but is not on the ceiling. It covers the alcove and stops at the chimney stack.
We have checked the gutter and they are clean and no roof tiles have moved , does anyone have any ideas?

Condensation on wall of bedroom solution?

In the morning my bedroom wall it wet, and the window has condensation. I'm not sure why the wall is becoming soo wet, could some one advise and suggest a solution? We have a terrace which does not have a damp course and needs injecting, would this be leadin to the problem?

We have very bad damp coming through on some walls in the kitchen which has totally ruined the plaster and we are not sure what the cause is.

Somebody has said that it may be water penetrating the bricks as when you knock them with a hammer they make a different noise in different places. Can anybody tell me if this is right or are they trying it on. If it is right what should we do about it.

Any help gratefully received.

Hi everyone, i have rotten joists in my back room!

Hi everyone, i have rotten joists in my back room and now the skirting boards in the bay near the back door are starting to go black. I have to two air bricks at the back of the house which don't appear to be blocked. The concrete patio outside the back door is cracked and uneven and was wondering if this could be the problem if its been laid above the dampcourse. If anyone has any comments i'd be very grateful. Thanks!!

Air bricks

Can anyone please tel me if its a good idea to install air bricks in a cellar.
The damp is not very bad theres just a smell.

how much can will a standard damp proof course cost and how long to get it done.

I am buying a property in Scotland, a repossession. The survey indicates damp at the rear of the property. I notice also that the laid wooden floor has 'popped up' in the centre of the floor some distance from the damp area. Could this indicate a problem with floor joists in addition to damp at rear. What would be the best way of ascertaining problem from an external view and roughly how would it be resolved and what are the potential range of costs.

we have damp patches appearing in random patches on roughcast - lot of snow in gutters in dec &the guttering and facias are fairly new - no probs previously

i have damp in the bay of my terrace, the small front garden is concreted right up to it and the bay is rendered there no drainage when it rains is thet the problem

Sparky 1st fix or membrane first?

Edit- thanks for replys..

Does gas get done before damp proof?
I want to take it back to bare brick but which is cheaper -

Batten walls with insulation or render walls again?

I'm renovating my house and which is first;
Damp proof membrane
Sparky 1st fix or Gas first fix??

Also can the damp proof specialist sand and cement over wires?


I an selling a 200 year old cottage that had damp proof chemical injection and replastering. didnt get garrantee, can this now be covered.

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