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640 Conversions - General questions

Do you need building permission to remove an internal supporting wall?

how can we build a false ceiling over an existing concrete one an install downlighters?

Our builder says the only was is to suspend a metal grid and install ceiling tiles, but this would make our kitchen feel too much like an office. Is there a way of fixing a more substantial grid that could support plasterboard ceiling with downlighters? The ceiling is concrete and in a victorian mansion block, with a flat above.

How can I tell if an internal wall is load bearing? Do builders usually charge to check this if we are unsure?

had a garage conversion to a play room,and did not have building regs on it ,can building control force me to put work right, that dose not come up to builing regs

calculating specs for RSJ (size, load bearing capacity etc)

bit of a challenge this ... I want to knock through a load bearing ground floor internal brick wall supporting one further floor - span of 320cm, ending on a course of blockwork at each end (so hopefully the padstones can be seated on these rather than building up any piers).

What elements are needed to calculate the RSJ spec... I guess its vertical and lateral load? Any clues on how to go about calculating that? Someone said to look at the size of the current joists and calculate from that but I'm unsure how to do that?

Thanks in advance...

how big of a job would it be and what would be the full cost of putting an internal doorway in between two bedrooms?

Garage Conversion - really Cold!

We had the garage converted to a bedroom this time last year.
It is so so cold in there, no where near anything like the house, is this normal?

Thank you for your response,

The walls have got the (excuse the description) squashed flat type of insulation that the building inspector made him use rather than the normal bouncy stuff. There is a radiator that comes on at the same time as the house.

I just remember the builder saying its going to be such a warm room, with the insulation in here, there am attic in there that is full to the brim with insulation.

What can I do to sort it out?

Moving an upstairs masonry/brick wall 6-10 inches.

I’ve got a 1930’s 3 bed semi and it seems all of upstairs walls are brick/masonry built.

In theory, I want to move one wall about 10 inches to create enough space for a single bed in the currently snug office.

Firstly, How do I know if it is a supporting wall if all walls are of solid construction?

Secondly, Can I removed the wall and replace it with a stud wall?

And finally, Do I need to inform anybody or in fact request permission to do this?

Thanks in advance.

timescales involved

I'm looking for quite a bit of work doing on my home, which includes taking walls down and fitting new stairs and a new French door, I'd like all the old wood work changing and the walls plastering if required once the work has been done, my questions is what realistic timescale am I looking at to do this type of work and will myself, my daughter and 2 small children be able to stay in the house while it being done?
Thanks in advance

Builder Extra Invoice Dispute

My property is currently undergoing a side extension which up until very recently I've been very happy with, until the builder popped an unexpected invoice through my letter box. I can’t fault the builders work, but his management has been quite poor, this is where i suspect this additional cost has come from. I have always paid the invoices, until now, in full and promptly and have now paid the Quote in full with just a small amount of work left to complete. I understand i shouldn't have paid in full until the work was complete and all snags fixed but the client/builder relationship until now has been good and i had full trust in him to complete to the quoted price – silly me!
He is suggesting that because there were some amendments to the plan he quoted on and that there have been some very minor changes internally that this is the extra cost. I have explained to him that he had 9 months from when he quoted to when he start which was sufficient time to change his quote accordingly if there was additional costs. These changes were to comply with building regs and structural engineer requirements so very small. There was 1 larger change which was the introduction of a staircase in the new part which I purchased myself and agreed to pay him for the installation which took him approximately 4 days; he is yet to tell me the cost of this!
This extra invoice equates to nearly 40% of the initial quoted price which is ridiculous. He has not once said anything was extra or would cost more until this invoice 12 months into the project which is about 10 days from completion.
I’m trying to understand if this is a common tactic to extract extra money from a client and what I should do about it. I am still awaiting a breakdown of the invoice which I believe I will not get, I suspect it’s just cost for extra time as its overrun by about 40%
I’ve spoken to Citizens Advise who have opened a case and advised me not to pay anything extra as a Quote is a legal contract to do the work at that price; it’s very black and white.
Any advice from either side of the fence would be appreciated.

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