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What I need to know if i wished to change my polycarbonate conservatory roof to a tiled roof?

I am looking to find out what planning I would need to investigate should I wish to go down the route of changing my polycarbonate conservatory roof to a clay tile or composite tiled roof? Would I need to check with planning? Would it be classed as extension or still a conservatory? Would a new ring beam need to be installed over the top of the existing glazing in order to take the new framework for the new roof? Presently I have an Edwardian style conservatory 3m x 3m in size with double doors in (right side) (centered) front of conservatory is all dwarf wall with glazing above and left side is a wall up 3/4 in height with small frosted glazed windows to start of roof section. The footings are in excess of a 1.2 metres in depth. Are there any companies in the industry that offer a service of this kind and if so do they offer a guarantee that is recognised by building control / approval?

conservatory walls - durabase or reinforced infill panels?

Before anyone suggests - we haven't got money for a brick extension and my hubby is a pretty competent diyer so we're going down the diy conservatory route. We want to upgrade a budget 4m x 3m diy conservatory with a celsius one glass roof and celcius clear glass walls in the hope of making it a usable playroom all year around.

I've done some reading about the durabase steel base and we were looking to fit that, however we wanted to make one of the sides a wall for privacy from next door looking in. This shoots the durabase cost up to 3K and then we have the added extras of insulation and plastering, etc so one company has suggested using reinforced PVCu panels instead. He has said we can plasterboard the inside of the panels with foil backed plasterboard to create the same effect as the durabase wall and this will be just as energy efficient. Is this true?

We have a new build property which is super energy efficient and even though the conservatory will be separated by our external french doors we don't want to effectively throw money anyway trying to heat it up as the plan is to use it everyday. Is the durabase system as good as it claims to be and so will it be worth paying the extra anyway? Any help/advice much appreciated, bottom line we want a room we can use everyday. Thanks.

Replacing conservatory polycarbonate roof - should I consider lightweight roofing construction and tiles?

I have a polycarbonate roof on my conservatory (lean-to style) which is showing signs of age and has a few leaks when it rains heavily. I also have the inherent problem of it being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. I have been looking online and there are scores of companies advertising for using a lightweight roofing construction and using tiles thereby creating a room that can be used all the year round. Is this something I should consider when I replace my old roof?

Our conservatory was built in 1999. The brick work either side of the double doors is showing signs of subsidence. What can be done to rectify this?

SECOND EDIT: For the benefit of SGOLDEN

I was not criticising your reply - did you not see the smilie :) ?

I just quoted your comment that it was a "very long and hard job" not because I doubted your advice but to emphasise it and my own comment about it "Not being what I wanted to read" - with a smilie - was my jokey way of saying I had hoped it wouldn't be a big job to do.

EDIT: Further to the replies so far from Midas Installations and SGOLDEN

Thank you for your input. Just to add that I believe the conservatory has subsided maybe an 1" and 1 1/2" just around either side of the door but I appreciate that this may still necessitate doing something all the way around.

Since the majority of the conservatory is in fine fettle and not really wanting to start all over the inevitable question if we go for under pinning is what such a job might cost - bearing in mind SGOLDEN's comment that it is a "very long and hard job". Not what I want to read :)

The conservatory is not a true pentagon shape but does have 5 sides. It looks a little like this ->

For 2-3 years we have noticed that the doors don't close easily and when you look at the brick work either side you can see signs of subsidence - if that is the correct term for the problem.

We had the brick work re-pointed 2 years ago but of course that doesn't solve the problem.

Is it possible to "prop up" the conservatory in some way in order to resolve this problem. I am not a builder but I imagine a trench would need to be dug around thr affect area - bricks removed - perhaps the foundation levelled or built up in some way - but then I could be rambling nonsense :)

Any opinions would be very much appreciated.

Is 50% deposit in advance a reasonable payment plan for small conservatory build?

We have been quoted £7000 by a small conservatory company who we have checked the references of and all seems satisfactory. Their payments terms however are 50% deposit in advance and 50% on approved completion.

I'm seeking advice on whether this is a reasonable deposit for materials and if so, what is the best way to safeguard the client and contractor? Would it be acceptable to pay 50% on receipt of materials on site in our name?


Heating a conservatory


We're having a 3mx3m conservatory fitted soon and are wondering about the best way to heat it, ie:
1) a plumbed rad from the house
2) an electric rad
3) underfloor heating (which type)

The spec of the conservatory is as follows:
•Build cavity wall up to DPC.
•Lay concrete slab over compacted hardcore, incorporating damp proof membrane.
•One side is going to be full height, the remaining two sides will be dwarf walls. Thermalite block on inside, walls to be plastered and cavity wall insulation added.

o 3550mm wide x 3000mm projection.
o 70mm thick colourfast WHS Halo white UPVC profile.
o 28mm thick low heat emission double glazed units.
o Ultraframe Structural Aluminium Roof System.
o Pilkington’s Activ™ Solar Control Self Cleaning glass roof units.


Hi - many thanks for the feedback. I think the elec rad is the cheaper option. We were quoted £800 to supply and fit the underfloor heating. In terms of elec rads, what sort of output would be required and are there any recommendations? Again, many thanks for the advise, it's very much appreciated.

Open plan conservatory with planning permission but no building regulations or completion certificate

Hi, I am in the process of buying a property which the Seller has added a lovely conservatory to they have put the kitchen in.

My concern is that they have taken the wall down between the dining room (in the main structure of the house) and the conservatory creating an open plan kitchen/dining room and this is the only access to the conservatory. There are no doors between the 2 rooms and I have a feeling that this is not acceptable for building regulations.

The conservatory does have planning permission but no building regulations or a completion certificate. Does anyone know if this is acceptable?



DIY Conservatory? is it cheaper to have one full brick wall ?

planning on doing a diy conservatory and wondered if option with one wall completey brick is a cheaper option? or would it be better with dwarf walls on 3 sides? conservatory size 3mtr wide x 4 mtr depth

Building Inspectors checking a conservatory

Hi there, we are looking at having a conservatory added to the back of our house. It will lead straight off from the living room with no doors inbetween. There will also be a door from kitchen into it with a closing door, but not a fire door.

My question is, we are also having a loft conversion done after the conservatory and worried that when building inspectors come in to check loft will they 'pull us up' on the fact there is a conservatory off living room with no door between. New conservatory will be 3 x 4 mts on a detached property.

Thanks for any replies.

Neighbours have extended their house by putting a conservatory, concerned as the gutter overhangs into our property. Is this legal? How much will it cost to correct their conservatory so we can extend

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