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Our expert conservatory experts have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as conservatory installations, planning permission, heating options, cleaning the roof, condensation and mould, UPVC v wood and much more.

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do i need planning permission to build a simple lean to made out of wood and a plastic roof on the back of my terraced house and can it be built close to the neighbours fence.

Also is there any height restrictions to worry about ,thanks

Conservatory roof - Glass or poly carbon?

Looking at having a new conservatory fitted but a little debate about the roof. The supplier suggests that if its glass we'll end up spending £2k on blinds, and proposes the heat reflecting 35mm poly carbon roof. This is a 6m x 4m room and so is quite large and will be in full sun midday to sunset, any suggestions?

My conservatory is cold, help!

I have a conservatory with a plastic dwarf wall instead of brick, this seems to let a lot of the cold in.

It also has a cold concrete floor with carpet on top. Are conservatories normally very cold in the winter?

I want to put a Radiator in there and also try to insulate the floor, height isn't an issue. What's the best way of insulating the floor?

Conservatory or Extension

I have a 1930 house which has a very small kitchen and would like to extend it. Would it be best to buy an off the shelf conservatory or go full whack and build a brick walled extension. I really don't have the funds to go mad and some prices that I have been quoted seem expensive for a 3x5m space joining at the back of the house. Can I have a conservtory and use it as a kitchen. As it's use is a kitchen it has to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Help please!

How long is a conservatory going to last for and does it turn into a greenhouse in the summer?

We are planning a conservatory and have a sunny south facing garden. Would like as much information as possible as to the pros and cons of a conservatory. Many thanks

How deep do I need to dig my foundations for conservatory

How deep do I need to dig my foundations for a 4x3 conservatory with 500mm dwarf wall?
I am clueless about this- I have bought a used conservatory and family have offered to dig out footings but just need to know how deep- also I had a quote for 6inch base with ready mixed concrete for £190 however if I need to fill in the foundations with this it will cost me a small fortune- any advice would be greatly received- this is turning into. Nightmare job as now need to have boiler replaced as vent would be inside conservatory- and apparently seal is no longer available for my boiler so boiler would need to be replaced!

Replacing conservatory roof with tile effect?

Is it possible to alter the appearance of a conservatory roof with a tile effect + plasterboard inside?

Conservatory is Edwardian in style, approx 12ft x 12ft and has a dwarf brick base about 600mm tall.


urgent advice please

This is a long shot but could you give me some advice on our conservatory?
It is thirty years old and made of wood which the sills at the bottom and some outside panels are pure wood rot. And the door frame and adjoining wall to the left has a lot of movement. Some of the windows are not attached properly also.
We had a couple of joiners to look at it and some said knock it down as it wouldn't be financially viable to do repair, however, one had said he could replace necessary wood but couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't find more problems after starting the job.
Since lockdown it isn't possible to get the joiner in. It is barely stable upon opening and closing the door. The hinges to the door are on the left hand side that sits against the wall. That wobbles.
Is there anyway we can fix or do something at least to stabilise it ourselves? My other half is pretty good at DIY but this is obviously something that needs an expert in the long run. It is the main entrance to the house which isn't ideal.
Please please help me.
Thanks in advance

Condensation and mould in conservatory


We have a 3x5 UPVC conservatory with a glass roof running across the back of our house (north facing). We've found in the last few weeks we've had real problems with condensation where even during the day, the conservatory windows and roof are covered in water and we are starting to see mould growth.

I've left some of the windows slightly open but wondering if anyone else has any suggestions? The doors between the house and the conservatory are external i.e. sealed and the walls appear to be dry.

Many thanks!

Polycarbonate Roof Upgrade

It has been mentioned that if I only want to replace the polycarbonate roof panels. This can be done much without major expense.
Could the 20 year old panels be changed and just put new glazing caps on.
There doesn't seem to be any problem with the structure of the roof.
So is it possible to get someone to do the above?

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