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Chimneys & Fireplaces Questions

Our chimney and fireplace specialists have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as removing chimney stacks, constructing a chimney, ventilation, chimney breast brickwork, liners and flues, chimney restoration, fireplace styles and much more.

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874 Chimneys & Fireplaces questions

how to take coal fire and back boiler out

I can not locate the lintel?

I am trying to open up my kitchen fireplace, purely for asthetic reasons and i do not require a functioning fire. I have removed one and a half metres of plaster and can not see a lintel. You can clearly see the original brickwork on either side and the middle has an old, copper back boiler which is filled in with plaster and bricks. It would be great to get some help with this, i am struggling!!

Thank you

do I need to obtain any surveys or reports to have a chimney breast removed?

Help! My chimney is smoking!

My chimney has started smoking and I can't figure out why. What should I do?

Stopping Birds from getting in my chimney

How can I prevent birds from getting in my chimney? They are making a ruckus and keeping me up all night long!

I don't want to hurt them though.

Do I legally need to have a Hetas reg installer for multi fuel stove?

Hi,Please advise, I am told that the use of a Hetas regsistered installer is optional and not compulsory, we have a hawk 4 put in direct to the chimney with no liner, we do have a local hetas guy and he said it shall be fine though he has not come back yet to actually complete the installation, do the smoke test and fit a new chimney pot. I opted for a Hetas installer because it seemed the legit way of having it done, can anyone confirm if it is compulsory and if not would I otherwise have to speak to the local council? any advice welcome.

Do I need to remove metal flue before bricking up fireplace

I would like to close off a fire place, but it has a metal flue in place from the now redundant and removed gas fire. Having read around the subject I am aware it will need ventilation by means of an air brick and capped at chimney end. What I would like to know is if the metal flue should be removed before I have it bricked up or is it ok just to leave it in place?
Many thanks in advance for any replies.

Block a flue but retain fireplace openeing?

I have opened an upstairs fireplace (was previously bricked up at the opening only) and would like to block the flue to stop the draught but retain the fireplace as an aesthetic feature in the room. The fireplace below has previously been boarded with downlights installed and then rendered.

How should I block the flue? Will I need ventilation for this?

Chimney removal

I am looking to remove a chimney breast in the upstairs bedroom. Directly below is the kitchen which has no chimney breast. I am looking to also completely remove the chimney stack as it is damaged. What kind of support would I require to remove the chimney breast upstairs? It is a 1940s semi-detached property, the adjacent property has no chimney breasts on their side.

Internal damp patch and sound of drips when raining. what should i do ?

Mid terrace home, had fire places removed 10-11years ago but whenever it rains we hear the sound of internal drips both in upstairs bedroom and living room directly below. No evidence of 'leak ' in loft but damp yellow-brown patches are appearing on ceilings of both rooms - have had chimney pots capped and new lead flashing but still facing original problem whenever it rains - any ideas ?? thanks will look into 'cowl'gc2 , have also been told to get 'pointing' done i.e the mortar between bricks on chimney stack !

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