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Our chimney and fireplace specialists have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as removing chimney stacks, constructing a chimney, ventilation, chimney breast brickwork, liners and flues, chimney restoration, fireplace styles and much more.

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984 Chimneys & Fireplaces questions

Shared Chimney stack, breast removed decades ago, unsure of any support - Help!

I would like advice upon how to proceed regarding a shared (unused) chimney that has already had the breast removed in the room beneath.

The house belongs to an elderly family member whose late husband dealt with this over 40 years earlier.

She is unsure of what if any support is in place and now the chimney is leaking and needs repair. To add to the issue, this part of the loft seems in-accessible, so no-one can see the remaining part of the chimney.

There is a significant chance there is no support, apart from next door, but I am eager to rectify this but want to do this to current regulations without directly troubling the current neighbour. (simply removing the chimney doesn't seem to be an option).

I am a little frustrated about not knowing the best way to proceed and the dis-interest shown by local builders in wanting to deal with the issue. One of more communicative ones indicated that it was awkward job, not as profitable to tackle as opposed to the ample extension work in the surrounding area. I don't think having the house occupied by the elderly person helped matters.

I have worked out that an opening would be needed in the room below to examine the area. The someone would need plan supports acceptable to local building control. Then someone would need to action this as well as sorting the other issues on the chimney. Either of these people (or both) would then need to be sure Building Control Inspects and is happy so we get a certificate to approve the work.

My hope was to find someone (a builder) to do this for us, but I have failed to get anyone to take interest.

How should I approach this to actually find someone competent in the Manchester area to take this on?

Am I being unrealistic in hoping to find someone to deal with all the steps or must I break them up?

Would convincing my relative to make an opening in the ceiling below first and getting a structural engineer to examine fully and work out the supports needed separately really increase the chance of someone willing to action the work?

I would like to avoid doing it this way for many reasons but I am running out of options and just want this sorted in the coming months, so more beneficial works for the relative can be begun.

Apologies for the detail, but it has been a little frustrating. I would be grateful for any useful advice.


Blocking chimney permanently to stop wind (and noise) coming down the chimney


We don't use our chimney at all, well not for any fires or such as we don't have any.

Problem we have is where we live on a hill it is very windy and the noise coming down the chimney is horrible at times, is there any safe way of blocking the chimney permanently to totally stop the noise



Sorry meant to say tried the bin bag trick, doesn't make much difference which is why I'm looking for perm blocking, thanks


Using Gallows brackets to support chimney

The neighbour to my terraced house removed their 1st floor fireplace 5 years ago, before we moved into our property.

It has recently been revealed that it has left the chimney incorrectly supported.

Was our neighbour required to get written consent from the owner of our property at that time?

Now they want to put up Gallows brackets to support their chimney, but we also want to remove our fireplace (though have not yet done so), and you can't have gallows brackets on both sides of the walls.

Do we have any right to prevent them using Gallows brackets on the party wall?

What other solutions are available?

Would it be safe to remove the fireplace on our side, and the chimney brickwork on both sides of the party wall, so that no additional support is required?

Any suggested solutions gratefully received.

Thanks for your response Kevin. Unfortunately, the same chimney stack serves fireplaces in the front and back rooms of both flats, with a sort of upside down Y shape going from the stack to the fire places. And both flats want to keep the fireplaces in the front rooms, and just remove the fireplaces in the back rooms. I was hoping it might be possible to remove both back fireplaces and one half of the Y.

Venting a Log Burner through the chimney stack

I plan to install a 10kw multi fuel burner in the ground floor of my victorion mid terrace.

I am aware it needs to be vented. (part J etc.) This is an inconvenience due the potential draught brought by an open vent but also as it is mid terrace the actual vent will be 6m+ away from the burner.

I plan to put a liner up the old chimney to extract the fumes from the burner safely away.

To achieve venting can I put suitably sized vent in the register plate then put another vent in the chimney stack abover the roof line (below the line of the extracted smoke). The chimney is wide enough for the liner/insulation and a suitable air gap.

Is this a possibility.


Flu lining

Does a 100 odd year old chimney have to be lined before I fit a log burner? Its been an open fire in constant use until last week when I took it out.

Capping Chimney

I live in a 1930's south west facing end of Terrace House on an elevated postion, I need to have a chimney capped which leads to the living room chimney breast as sometimes heavy prevailing rain or hailstones come down onto the hearth.

Is this costly and would scaffolding be neccesary or could the chinney be accessed via a ladder from the rear of the house which has level access.

Can a chimney breast and the load bearing wall its attached to be removed at ground floor level only?

I am looking to remove a load bearing wall and the chimney breast attached to it, which is located in the centre of the house, so not involving any party walls etc, but I only want to remove the chimney at ground floor level, is this possible??

I have no intention of using my chimney again, What do I need to do to block it up permanently?

REMOVAL -Chimney Breasts and Stack

I intend to remove chimney stack, all four breasts ( on a party wall). Would I require a Structual Enginer Report? Would I need to inform the council (Bristol)? Many thanks

Is it possible to check the condition of a chimney before removing a gas fire fully?

I am looking to have my Gas fire removed and a wood burning stove installed, i have a quote to remove the fire and cap the gas pipe but before i do this i wondered if it is possible to check the condition of the chimney before i pull the fire out to see if it is worth my while. We still have the full chimney breast and a chimney pot, not sure if the chimney is lined or not.

Many thanks

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