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Chimneys & Fireplaces Questions

Our chimney and fireplace specialists have kindly agreed to share their wisdom on such topics as removing chimney stacks, constructing a chimney, ventilation, chimney breast brickwork, liners and flues, chimney restoration, fireplace styles and much more.

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923 Chimneys & Fireplaces questions

Do I need Building Control approval to remove an upstairs chimney breast where the chimney has already been removed?

A possible complication is that I'm not certain the removal of the chimney was approved (it was done a long time ago - at least a couple of decades).

Also which trade/s would be best to get this done?

Many thanks, Liam

Can a chimney breast and the load bearing wall its attached to be removed at ground floor level only?

I am looking to remove a load bearing wall and the chimney breast attached to it, which is located in the centre of the house, so not involving any party walls etc, but I only want to remove the chimney at ground floor level, is this possible??

I have no intention of using my chimney again, What do I need to do to block it up permanently?

Is it possible to check the condition of a chimney before removing a gas fire fully?

I am looking to have my Gas fire removed and a wood burning stove installed, i have a quote to remove the fire and cap the gas pipe but before i do this i wondered if it is possible to check the condition of the chimney before i pull the fire out to see if it is worth my while. We still have the full chimney breast and a chimney pot, not sure if the chimney is lined or not.

Many thanks

Hi I have removed an old 1930s tiled fire surround, and fire box, I am now left with infill ?

Hi I have removed an old 1930s tiled fire surround, and fire box, I am now left with what looks like infill to narrow the original gap, (this is made up of rough brickwork and is not tied to the Walls and has a very small metal lintel in it)
My question is I can't seam to see another lintel of any type up the chimney ?
So how safe is it to remove what looks like infill as I want to widen the fire place ?

The lintel is holding a single skin of bricks

Thanks for any help

Does my chimney stack really need to come down?


My neighbour (who I get on really well with) has asked me to pay half the cost of having our shared chimney stack removed to the roofline and the roof tiled over.

He has water leaking into his upstairs bedroom, though I've got no problems in my side. It is a disused chimney running from the kitchen (would have once been a range cooker, I guess). Neither of us uses this chimney, we both have two other chimneys we use.

What worries me is there is nothing wrong on my side, no leaks, the mortar looks ok, but on his side, the mortar is very clearly degraded and some of the bricks look very worn.

It seems obvious to me that he should just pay to have his side repointed.
He insists the stack needs to come down for the long-term good of both properties.

Questions then are:

1. Should I agree even if there's nothing wrong my side just to keep good neighbour relationship and to avoid my side leaking eventually?

2. Should I talk to building regs people? Do I need their permission?

Thanks very much



Thank you so much to you three lovely wise people, I really appreciate your advice. Felt a bit in the dark on this and wasn't sure if it was common etc. feel much more brave now about squaring up to the problem and my neighbour. Big thanks!

Chimney breast vent

I have a chimney breast in my bedroom with no fireplace. There is just a vent where I guess the opening of the fireplace used to be. I have very loud neighbors in the flat above so want to block this vent up to reduce the noise. I have never seen a vent like this before on a chimney breast. Why does this vent need to be there? Thanks

Brickwork around fireplace in poor state of repair

A fireplace in our early 1900's upstairs flat leaks smoke into the downstairs neigbours rooms below, presumably via their chimney flues (their fireplaces are removed but have ventilation where the the fireplace would have been).

Checking the fireplace, the brickwork around the cast iron grate is loose and I can see into a void behind it. What would be involved in repairing this? Temporary removal of the fireplace and rebuilding? Lining the chimney?

how to take coal fire and back boiler out

I can not locate the lintel?

I am trying to open up my kitchen fireplace, purely for asthetic reasons and i do not require a functioning fire. I have removed one and a half metres of plaster and can not see a lintel. You can clearly see the original brickwork on either side and the middle has an old, copper back boiler which is filled in with plaster and bricks. It would be great to get some help with this, i am struggling!!

Thank you

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