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Chimeny Stack repair and installing open fire

Hi there,

I moved into a 1930s semi-detached house last year, and we have done a fair bit of work on the property. We have had several workmen, and our buildings report flag up the need to repair our chimney stack. Currently the chimney is not in use, and when we moved in there was just a chest of drawers in front of the opening- no fire place.

We would like install a fireplace which will be an working open fire, but we are aware of the poor condition of the chimney stack.

Can anyone tell me the best way to go about it? Do I get the chimney repaired first, then the fire place fitted?
Or is there any other procedures that need carrying out too, before any fire place is fitted, as we do not know the last time that the fire place was used?



Does my chimney need sweeping if I am having a new flue installed for my wood burner?

I have purchased an old house. It has a wood burner but requires a new flue. My home insurance has stated that I need to have my chimney swept once a year but my builder has told me that, as he is installing a new flue, it will not be required this year. I cannot argue what I don't understand so would appreciate some guidance on this subject

I have no intention of using my chimney again, What do I need to do to block it up permanently?

We have a sixties house with the chimney breast built on the outside. We want to move the fireplace 6 foot over in the lounge as we are extending it.

We have an old fireplace to turn into display, what do we need to do to the chimney?

We are currently renovating our house. Its pretty old and we have done all the work ourselves to save on costs. However we have hit a mini road block…we have an empty fireplace in our house (just a dirty brick hole in the wall with a chimney (no surround). We already have a fireplace in that room: which we intend to use. So we want to turn the old hole in the wall fireplace into a display, maybe a drinks cabinet for fancy bottles or a candle display. We were wondering if there’s anything we need to do to the actual chimney, to prevent draft, or rainwater dripping in…etc. Can you help with any practical advise?
Many thanks. Julie And Jonny :)

can I install gas fire pls?

I have bought an old victorian house (ST1 area), and there is only electric fireplace in the living room. What options do I have to instal gas fire pls? I would like the fire place to be traditional and one that would heat the room as well. Any information/advice welcome. Thank you

Hi I have removed an old 1930s tiled fire surround, and fire box, I am now left with infill ?

Hi I have removed an old 1930s tiled fire surround, and fire box, I am now left with what looks like infill to narrow the original gap, (this is made up of rough brickwork and is not tied to the Walls and has a very small metal lintel in it)
My question is I can't seam to see another lintel of any type up the chimney ?
So how safe is it to remove what looks like infill as I want to widen the fire place ?

The lintel is holding a single skin of bricks

Thanks for any help

Does my chimney stack really need to come down?


My neighbour (who I get on really well with) has asked me to pay half the cost of having our shared chimney stack removed to the roofline and the roof tiled over.

He has water leaking into his upstairs bedroom, though I've got no problems in my side. It is a disused chimney running from the kitchen (would have once been a range cooker, I guess). Neither of us uses this chimney, we both have two other chimneys we use.

What worries me is there is nothing wrong on my side, no leaks, the mortar looks ok, but on his side, the mortar is very clearly degraded and some of the bricks look very worn.

It seems obvious to me that he should just pay to have his side repointed.
He insists the stack needs to come down for the long-term good of both properties.

Questions then are:

1. Should I agree even if there's nothing wrong my side just to keep good neighbour relationship and to avoid my side leaking eventually?

2. Should I talk to building regs people? Do I need their permission?

Thanks very much



Thank you so much to you three lovely wise people, I really appreciate your advice. Felt a bit in the dark on this and wasn't sure if it was common etc. feel much more brave now about squaring up to the problem and my neighbour. Big thanks!

Can I remove chimney breasts without removing the chimney stack on the roof?

I'm thinking about moving into a 1930s bungalow which has an open fire place (which the vendors tell me they use but I doubt it!) in one room, and in other room they have a wood burner electric fan heater in the fire place. I would like to remove both the chimney breasts. Can i do this without taking out whatever is in the loft?
Any advise greatly appreciated. Thanks

Shared chimney stack

My chimney stack is shared with my neighbour. It is in a very poor state of repair. I would like to get this repaired and plan to write to him with my intentions. He is of a volatile nature so I dont feel happy to approach him in person. I would like him to pay half but I expect he will not be willing to do this. My question is, does he have to pay half and how would I go about this if he is partly responsible for costs, do I need his permission to carry out repairs, or can I go ahead and repair without permission. I have been told that the chimney stack is in danger of collapsing if for example there is a storm.

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