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How should we block up an old fireplace?

We have discovered an old fireplace in a bedroom. We do not want to restore it and would like to block it up and plaster the chimney breast, so we can put furniture in front of it.

Log burner installation - please help!

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to install a log burner I purchased and I wondered if anyone could offer some advice?

I live in a Victorian terrace with an old class 1 chimney and I would like to install a Valor Ridlington 8Kw multi-fuel burner. My questions are:

1. Can I install this myself and pay the local council to send someone round from building control to ensure that this complies with building regulations or do I need to have someone with certain qualifications to install the stove? If so, what qualifications should I be looking out for?
2. If I have the chimney swept, can I just install a debris plate and 1m flue pipe coming from the stove or will this cause problems? If the problems that may be caused are not a health risk, is it an option install the burner and if I find it doesn't work, add a liner at a later date?
3. What are the true requirements of the hearth? The sizes I hear from installers, different websites and the installation manual of my burner, but which is the best to follow? The most sensible sizes I've seen are 150 around the back and sides and 300 at the front, but the installation guide says 600mm!!
4. If I need a liner, would you recommend the 316/316, 904/316, or 904/904? I'm only planning on being in the house for the next 5-10 years max so is it worth spending the extra on a good quality liner? Whatever liner I purchase, can I simply find he cheapest say 904/316 liner or are there good and bad brands of liner to purchase irrespective of the grade of steel?
5. Do I need an air brick, or is this again something that I can install at a later date if I find the drag isn't good enough?
6. If I am to sell the house with the log burner in, what should I officially hand over to the new purchaser to demonstrate that it has been installed correctly?

The installation of a multi-fuel stove seems to be a bit of a minefield - different installers give different information and there doesn't seem to be a website that will give definitive installation advice. What I'm not prepared to do is to spend £1000's installing the burner to try to comply with regulations, only to find I've missed something out as the information on how to correctly install one isn't clear! Therefore, ANY advice would be really appreciated, links to products, websites with information, etc.!

Thanks in advance,


Does my log burner need a liner inserting in the chimney.

I had a log burner fitted, and a plate installed just above it. however when I use the log burner, the whole chimney breast gets very hot and I can hear cracking noises. Does it need a liner and if so, what are the signs. Is it safe to use in the meantime.

Chimney removal

We are in the process of buying an average sized 1930's 3 bed semi. We wish to remove a chimney which is causing damp problems & is in the way of our renevation plans. It is not a shared chimney. We are now worried that the costs are going to be excessive. I am quite happy to leave the bedroom as it is, so can it be removed above the roof & just downstairs with the addition of the steels. Im told, chimney removal can get very complex & expensive! Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

Does a chimney need ventilation??

i have recently taken out our old 80's style gas fire (don't worry, i employed a gas sefe engineer to do it), however it has exposed the old hole in the chimey breast, where a fire used to be, but living in bristol we can't have an open fire so am going to have to board it up with some plaster board.
Do i need to put a vent in the plasterboard so that air can circulate inside the chimney breast?? I have been told this needs to be done, but thought i'd ask the experts first.


Damp internal chimney breast wall...even though chimney removed


Any help on this greatly appreciated. For three years we have had problems with a damp internal chimney breast wall on the first floor of our two-floor Victorian house. To cut a very long story short, a couple of months ago we eventually decided to remove the chimney as we had so many conflicting suggestions for the cause of the damp - the condition of the chimney itself, flashing, chimney tray etc.

Despite having the chimney removed we are still having problems with internal damp, particularly when it rains. I was hoping the chimney going would be the end of this saga, but obviously not.

Any ideas as to what the cause could be?

Many thanks

Can you cap a chimney which is shared with neighbour?

If a house shares a chimney stack with a neighbour, can one house properly cap their chimneys without affecting the neighbour's side (I want it capped at the very top to stop anything coming down)?

How do I know if my chimney needs a flue liner for a woodburning stove

there was a gas fire installed prior and the house was built in the late 60's

Remove Chimney from cellar only

I wanted to remove the chimney breast from the cellar in my terraced property.
I dont want to remove the chimney all the way just in one room. Can anyone advise me how I should go about it. Do I need to apply for planning.
The chimney is not shared with next door.

Old fireplace from ebay

I just bought a fireplace on ebay. I want to fit it into our fireplace hole - is this an easy job or should i call in one of you guys/girls?

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