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Carpet on top of laminate floor?


Our lounge and dinner have been knocked into one, but the two rooms are on slightly different levels (by a couple of inches). We previously had carpet and hated the slope that was present in-between the two rooms. Nowadays we have laminate flooring, which has been packed underneath with the green boards you put under laminate flooring to make the two rooms level. The problem is, I don't like wood flooring in lounges and want to carpet again, but if I do that, the slope will come back - which I hate even more.

Is it possible to lay the carpet directly onto the laminate floor? I know this is a floating floor that is designed to move, but I am unsure if it is possible to screw the gripper to the floorboards through the laminate to make it more sturdy. If not, what is the best option for me?

Thanks for your help

Should I fit skirting before the carpet layer comes round, or after?

We're having a carpet fitted, and we want it running under the skirting boards, not up to (think it looks nicer).
Should we fix the skirting boards first and leave a gap for the carpet fitter to wedge the carpet under? Or wait until it's down and fit the skirts afterwards?

Is it possible to lay new vinyl over old?

There is existing vinyl that is old but in good condition, no rips or tears, is it possible to lay new vinyl over the top? There is plenty of room under the doors and door treads where it joins other rooms with carpet?

How easy is it to re-lay carpet ?

How easy is it to re-lay carpet ? We are moving and the carpet in our current house from the stairs, landing and 3 bedrooms has only been down a couple of years ? We are thinking of pulling it up and re-laying as opposed to purchasing brand new carpets again. Is this cost effective or would we be better off getting new all over again ?

We need a carpet fitted in our lounge; can we have it fitted when we can't empty the room?

We currently have laminate wood flooring in our living room.
We have recently bought a carpet and would like to have it fitted on top.
My questions are:
One: Can a carpet be fitted on top of laminate wood flooring without causing any damage?
And two: We have two large sofas’ that cannot come out of the room. Will anyone fit a carpet with this problem?
Many thanks

should you carpet the stairs in one long piece or each stair a different piece of carpet

Carpet Under Paid for But was never replaced

When we bought our house just under 2 years ago we paid over £7,000 to have all the carpets replaced and new underlay, to be laid. The invoice shows that this was paid for. We completed on the house and then left 5 days before we moved in to let the fitters remove and replace all the carpet and underlay. We had specified that we wanted no thresholds and the carpets butted against each other for a seamless look. We were moving a fair distance so we were very busy with the move and didn't get to the house to check the carpets. When we moved in we noticed that 3 of the rooms upstairs had the metal threshold strip fitted and the others had been butted - we called the fitters and they said it was a mistake and they realised that we wanted the carpets butted. The bigger issue however is that recently we had new skirting and architrave fitted, the carpets had to be lifted at every edge to allow for the fitting, whilst it was up I could see the underlay was in terrible condition, had started badly perishing and it was carpet right branded! we did not buy our carpets from carpet right. I contacted the carpet shop to ask if that the underlay that they used. Of course they didn't. So the issue is we paid for new underlay which was not replaced but charged for. The underlay has made the carpet flat and it looks dreadful two years down the road. Also the upstairs hall carpet was laid in the wrong direction and needs replacing already. I have the owner of the carpet shop coming out with a fitter to lift the carpets . Am I reasonable in expecting all the carpets to be lifted and the underlay and carpets replaced? Ive just come to a huge renovation project and the thought of moving everything again fills me with dread! is it reasonable to expect professional company to come in and help move the furniture if I am offered this? Many Thanks

Can a carpet be fitted on top of ceramic floor tiles?

Our kitchen and through dining area is fully floor tiled. Is it possible to fit a carpet on top of the floor tiles in the dining area without removing the tiles?

What happens if you puncture a water pipe?

I employed a carpet fitter to refit some carpet after we had work done in our house. He accidentally put a nail through into a water pipe whilst nailing some new gripper strips to the floor. The tradesman (and us!) didn't know that the pipes were there although it did indicate on the floorboards there were pipes ( he didnt look under the hardboard). He initially told us the leak was already there - water pouring into the kitchen at this point. Did eventually admit responsibility but then blamed us for "dodgy pipes". He tried to walk out but my husband made him stay to locate the leak. We had to organise the plumber to fix the pipe. He now claims the person who put the hardboard down is responsible for the plumbing bill. My question is this - who is responsible and what should happen in this situation? What would other carpet fitters do? Thanks. No additional damage as we turned off water. Just £104 plumber costs.

Measuring stairs and landing

What is the best way to measure a stairs and landing

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