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what is correct height for kitchen base units my kitchen fitter has fitted them at 93cm i say this is incorrect as my cooker is only 90cm so sits below the worktop

Gaps in Skirting and Architraves

I have had skirting and architraves installed but there are huge gaps between them and the walls. What do I fill them with that will be best in the long run and wont crack....silicon, wood filler,cork,car body filler ;-) - anything?

I wont be painting the wood coloured skirting, architraves etc and will probably be waxing or clear varnishing them.

Thank you

is it normal for the customer to pay 50% upfront before the work is started?

The job was priced at just under a £1000

What is the local hourly rates for Carpenters

This project will run for about 6 months

What is the best method of installing mdf skirting boards? adhesive? plugs & screws?

My flat was fully replastered and would like to reinstall skirtings. I would prefer adhesive but do not know what type of adhesive. Can you also suggest a brand? Thank you.

Which hinges door I use for a heavy door?

I`ve bought a doors from Wickes which are heavy, 38.5kg I think. They are 35mm thick and I`m trying to hang on a new oak door liners. Which hinges do I need and how many?

Scotia Beading- When adding scotia beading to laminate and skirting is it best to be nail it or to use no more nails adhesive.

How to keep my carpenterspencil at length?

By using the pencil is shortens. When its halfway the length it is difficult to get it out of my pocket. Has anyone ideas to solve this problem? And what is the best pencil to use; a oval shaped or a rectangle shape?

i found the solution on

Fitting a kitchen of 15 units

We have bought a B & Q kitchen with a the layout is exactly as the existing kitchen. How much should we expect to pay to have the units fitted. There are no changes to electrics and only one additional plumbing job ( installing a dishwasher). We are removing the tiles and having the wall re-plastered. We hope to get a solid worktop fitted separately. Can anyone give details on hourly rates or daily rates. Thank you

New Skirting Board Fitting

Any ideas roughly how long it would take a carpenter to fit new skirting boards throughout a flat that's just had the old ones removed and laminate laid? 65metres should be sufficient and a ready primed/MDF skirting will be fine. Walls are in good condition, and it's a modernish flat, so reasonably square with mostly long runs.

Thank you for that reply, Roc, but it coud apply to almost every question posted on this forum, and doesn't really help me much. I'm presuming that the carpenter is competent and experienced.

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