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Can you tile over tiles or should you remove all of the old ones first?

Can you tile over tiles or should you remove all of the old ones first?

Can you use normal plasterboard in a bathroom if you are tiling full room floor to ceiling

What order does everything happen in a bathroom refit?

I have a small 'L' shaped bathroom which I want to replace, as well as moving a stud wall back by about a foot to square off the room. I'm having a nightmare figuring out what order to do everything in so I can find the relevant tradesmen. Also, it's our only bathroom so I want it to be out of use for as short a time as possible. It just seems like I need half a dozen different people which makes things very confusing for such a tiny room!

The jobs to do are:
- Remove tiles
- remove bathroom suite
- Replace window in external wall
- Install ventilation fan in external wall
- Move internal stud wall
- Plaster everything
- Install new suite
- Tile
- Install lights

What order should these jobs happen in, and who do I need to do them?

Thanks for all of your responses, they were most helpful - I've posted it as a job now so will see what happens.

bathroom refit


We are in in the process of having our bathroom refit. The guy we have to do our bathroom refit has ordered a bath(plastic) that was 150mm too long, so it didn't fit between our bathroom walls.

He said he can cut the bath down, which he has done. It fits well now but there are no tap holes left, on the end with the plug. Is it possible to drill new tap holes at the other end? He is coming back on 27th to have another go, and I am not sure he really knows what he is doing.

Is this common pratice or am I being gullible here, any advice would be welcome?

Many thanks


Hi Everyone,

Thank you all, for all your replies. We showed our original bathroom refit company your answers. And they didn't know what to say and just basically left. So we have a new bathroom refit company and a new bath now. We didn't think it was right but just wanted to make sure.

Thank you all again.

Take care


What to do about an unhappy customer

Have revamped a bathroom and the customer supplied all the major stuff, however there were problems with there shower tray/tiles and furniture among other stuff. This made the job run on for a long time, now finished there saying there only paying a small amount because it took so long and saying there unhappy with parts of the job.Have been back to try and sort it but they are just saying if i want any more money to take them to court.Just wondered if anyone else has come across this. Feel i did everything in my power to get it finished asap so i could get paid! Never had a compaint about my workmanship in over 25 yrs of trading. Do i really have to take them to court to get the rest of my money???

What is the best way to seal the junction between a bath and tiles?

The gap is large and sealant just comes away, whats the best way to cover the gap?


How long should a job take?

Currently i have an 8ft x 9ft bathroom, with bath, hand basin and loo, Walls are tiled.
I wish to put in a new bath, seperate shower, loo and hand basin. more or less in same position,

Now i have had two quotes and both to me seem high as its on labour only basis, but what stikes me more is both said would take minimum of 2 weeks to do the job.
I freely admit im no expert but in my head i cant see how it can take 10+ days,

Day 1 just remove bath. loo hand basin.
Day 2. remove tiles and bring back to brick work,
Day 3. Dry line walls
Days 4, 5 6 plumb
Day 7 plaster
Day 8 fit fixtures
Day 9 10 tile 16sqm2

Now as i say im no expert and dont begrudge if they are right, but i fail to see how it can take a whole day to remove a bath, hand basin and loo, as to me after i have turned off the water supply, i would cut the pipes and just remove. no more than 2 hour job at the most.... Am i thinking right or does it really take a day to remove current fixtures and then 3 days to plumb in a 8ft x 9ft bathroom?

Wanted to add this is 2 men working, both quotes 2 man job which leaves me asking this question.

Opinions welcome please thanks very much.

Thank you all for such a response, has helped me a lot, My last question as some of you have pointed out is the men are wanting to take the current tiles off and plaster off underneath that, so on three sides its back to brickwork.
Now from that brickwork they wish to put up plaster baord, and i belive plaster and tile over that.
That is my full understanding.

Strip back

Some of you have pointed out not all this work is required, So can i ask why would they quote to do it if not required is it a belt and braces exercise or just work for doing work

Thank you all for all responses


Can I hide pipes in the wall?

Im planning complete renovation of my bathroom as gift for my wife. For her I want it to look perfect, for myself I want it to be perfect from practical point of view. I have got some building knoweledge but Im not builder myself and some professional help woluld be appreciated.
Can I hide pipes in brick walls?
There is going to be a lot of moving things around and plumbing
The bathroom is in extended part of house so some bathroom walls are outside walls at the same time. I think those walls were not propely insulated and I'm a bit afraid about hiding pipes in there, because when winter comes, frost may breake pipes and in consequence my house can be seriously damaged. Do you think my concern is basless? If yes should I order copper pipes or plastick pipes. Should I use same pipes for radiator? Could you advice me if there is any building regulation based on this subject? I want my bathroom to be perfect and want it to serve me well for another 15 years, Im going to spend a lot on it and I don't want to be surprised by additional costs in the future. Please give advice I will be appreciative

What is the best type of tradesman for fitting an electric shower?

Since it involves both electricity and plumbing I'm not sure what type of tradesman I should be looking for to get my new power shower fitted.

Refitting a toilet

Should I refit the toilet before or after tiling the floor?

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