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Can architect provide detailed drawings from engineer's drawings or do they have to visit the house?

I have drawings from a structural engineer for the removal of an internal wall. My builder has requested more detailed drawings. Could you please confirm if an architect can provide these drawings from the engineer's drawings or does he/she have to visit the house?

Cavity wall insulation

When building a masonry wall with an insulated cavity, is the cavity meant to be fully filled with insulation or is it meant to be partially filled with an air gap.

My builder has fully filled a 75mm masonry wall cavity with rolled insulation, same kind you put down in loft floors. A friend told me that there's meant to be an air gap to prevent water transfer between layers.

Please advise

Many thanks

what is needed?

how many days will be needed to complete this work?

What is the best way to work out whether a wall is supporting or not?

Building regs - Doors and stairs

I have a small barn conversion over 3 floors. The ground floor is a kitchen, stairs up to the first floor and a lounge/ensuite spare room. First floor is 2 ensuite bedrooms either side or the stairs and futher stairs up to the loft room.
I want to open up the ground floor and expose the stairs to the first floor. The bedrooms both have doors on and therefore would be the barrier against fire (from the kitchen/ground floor). But that would be the only doors, so there's no barrier should I convert the top floor into a bedroom.
Am I right to assume I would not get building regs sign off due to the top floor having no door?
The issue is it's a loft conversion so the eaves impead the space above the stairs. And I don't want to hide the beautiful exposed original oak beams.
Could I put a door at the top of the stairs from the ground floor to the first?

Application for retrospective planning permission

We recently installed a Grillkota BBQ Hut in our garden. Our property sits on a corner plot and is surround on 3 sides with gardens and the hut is situated at the front of the property but to the side approximately 9 meters from our property and is screened by established leylandi trees. It is also our intention to install a fence to incorporate it officially into our backgarden. Prior to having it installed we sought planning advice on the suppliers website, the website of the local authority and in a telephone conversation with the local planning office.

The hut has been installed for 7 weeks and we have received a letter from the council advising that it is unathorised and we should either remove it or apply for retrospective planning permission. In a development of 96 houses 1 complaint has been received.

We disputed the information supplied by the council that the structure was over 4 meters in height as the specification for the build states that it is 3.23 meters. At a site visit it was stated that the measurement is taken from the lowest level of the garden. Our garden is on a slope therefore the rear base of the hut has been built up to level with the front taking it just over the 4 meter level. There is no mention of measuring from the lowest level in the guidance on line.

The planning enforcement officer said that normally they would not support such a structure to the front of the property, however, given that it is completely screened and does not impact on any neighbours they would put this in their report which may make our application more favourable.

Has anyone had any experience in this type of problem and were they successful in gaining planning permission. Can I submit the application myself or do I need an architect? I am based in Livingston, West Lothian.

Totally stressed by the whole situation so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

What is this fishy smell

Hello. I have seen a similar question posted. I hope someone can help me.

Every now and again possible once a week or so I notice a strong fishy smell in my hallway, in the corner of the hall. I have smelled paintwork and flooring but nothing seems to actually smell but the fishy smell lingers in the air.

The building is Victorian terrace flats. I'm a ground floor flat with a basement flat below and two flats above me.

There are no plug sockets or visible wiring near where the smell is strongest
Please help.

do i have to pay the architdct before i get the planing approval

Do i pay in full amount to the architect before i get the planing approval from the council

well room

I have a room under my garden that is accessed via the basement of my house. This room contains a floor level well, approximately 20 foot deep. I would like to have a conservatory on my house but it would go over the room roof and so I am concerned about the weight causing the roof to fail or the walls to fall inwards. Should I get this well and room filled in first? I have heard of people filling them with sand.

Telescopic Underfloor Ventilator

Hello All
I’m looking to build a single-storey extension, the floor of the extension is going to be solid concrete. The extension is next to a suspended wooden floor with ventilation bricks
I have seen the following specified.
“Where existing suspended timber floor air bricks are covered by new extension, ensure cross-ventilation is maintained by connecting to 110mm dia UPVC pipes to terminate at new 65mm x 215mm air bricks built into new cavity wall with 100mm concrete cover laid under the extension. Ducts to be sleeved through cavity with cavity tray over.“
I have a few questions if I may, I am not a builder or architect, so just need some help.

I have seen the Telescopic Underfloor Ventilator by timlock and just wanted to know.
1. Is the above specification okay?
2. In terms of depth, should the ventilator pipe go between the hard-core, should it go below into the soil?
3. Presumably the piping system will have to be surrounded by some form of protection, gravel pebbles or something? Is there something you have to put round the piping to protect it, and how much? 30mm diameter etc?
4. How does it go through the DPM. I’m guessing one would not want to pierce the DPM in any way, would the DPM just go over it and be wrapped around it. I suppose this means that it would never be above the hardcore.
5. Can the vent pipes be located right up against the inner leaf walls?

Anyway, like I said, I am an amateur, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks

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