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Help with Building Regulations Drawings

To apply for building regulations, do I need to provide scale/building regulations drawing, is this different to drawing of the plan? The only thing I have is the plan drawn up by my architect which is approved by local authority, but I now need to apply for "full plan, or building notice" and would like to know how to get the building regulation drawings. Is this something the builders can do? Or do I need to hire another Architect to do this as I am unable to get hold of my Architect. Also what is the difference between, "full plan" and "Building notice"? Do I need to apply for both as it cost over £700 for each application. My Planning Application has been approved but I am not sure if this drawing is enough for the builders to work on, and if not then what I can do

Please can someone let me know. Many many thanks in advance

we have just bought a bungalow,we want to knock 3 walls down to open up the main bedroom and box room which we then want to turn into our lounge,

who do we need to draw up the plans for the builders? architect or structural engineer or both? the reason for doing this is because the lounge at the minute is on the front of the bungalow and we want to add a conservatory with bi folding doors leading into it,and of course we couldnt put it on the front,
thanks guys

Removing Internal wall....Its very urgent!

its very urgent!

We have bought a house which has got a downstairs,bath and seperate toilet,which are sepaerated by a Non bearing wall(confirmed by the builder,after taking away the upstairs floor boards etc),we want to remove that wall,to make a larger all in one proper bathroom,is there any planning permission required or any building regulation?

Second,In upstairs bathroom,we plan to make it a jack and jill ensuite,so means,cutting through 2 walls and putting in 2 doors in there,and stud walling the exsisting door,any council issues,planning permission or building regulations involved?

Its urgent please


Planning permission - do I need it if my neighbours have done the same thing?

I would like to replace the garage door with the wall and the window and convert the garage into a room. Several years ago I submitted the plans and was refused - council cited it would alter the face of the street etc. However, now almost 65% of my neighbours have done just that and everyone has different face - some have used brick, some PVC panelling and windows are different. I would like to do it above board so once I am selling the house I have no problems with it. I understand I need a certificate.

My questions are; do I need to apply for the planning permission (council says yes although I did not speak to the planning officer) and does it need to be to scale with all the work I intend to do?

Can they refuse me given the fact people have done that in the same terraced property as mine and this has been standing for over 2 years?

What happens if I go ahead and do it without the certificate and I am then selling the house? Does the council certificate mean it will then be registered at the land registry and/or on the deeds as a two bedroom house rather than one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks in advance


I need to find the location of a manhole

I am facing a drain blockage in my house and unfortunately i could not find where my manhole is kept. Could u please give me an information how can i find the location of manhole.

Are there regulations governing the minimum height for a window sill?

If for example the sash window were on the 4th floor of a building and there is a risk of 'falling out' of the window if the window sill were too low.

hi two questions, wanting a porch built front of house 6 x 3 feet where do i get plans drawn up?and is it allowable to have downstairs toilet entry from kitchen?,

regards to toilet issue, obviously would have a door on, and have its own basin and extractor fan, have looked at building regs and more confused!, toilet would be against back wall of house and pipe would go through wall and straight onto existing soil pipe

convert a pub in to a hotel?

Hi there,Im going to convert a commercial pub in to a hotel?
what kind of licence do I need?
whats the planning procedure?


Chimney breast removed with no building control approval


I am in process of buying a new house and the survey has come back recommending that obtain legal confirmation that building
control approval was obtained for the chimney breast removal. I checked with the current vendors who said that they bought the property like this 12+ years ago and that they believe the chimney breast removal was satisfied as part of their buying process.

Should I be worried? Would I have to take indemnity policy?


Legal height for fence front garden

Hi, I share a part wall with my neighbour and today out of the blue there is a fence erected on top of the wall which measures approx 1.95m from my side and from his side is 2.17m. Road is on a bit of a slope and all the garden on the street are fairly open with some that have hedges but they are quite short like 1m. And this fence just looks odd, blocks out the sunlight to my front garden and as the road is one way I can't see on coming traffic anymore when I reverse the car as the fence is totally blocky my view. I tried to talk to my neighbour but he just shrugged me off. What should I do?

Any advice is appreciated.

Update from Blackburn council -

Further to your email regarding the dividing fence at Longshaw Lane. I have visited the property this morning. In your e-mail you raise concerns regarding the height of the fence and the loss of light the fence creates. Under the Town and Country (General Permitted Development)(England) Order 2015 Part 2 Class A, the provisions state that a gate/fence/wall or means of enclosure would not require planning permission if the height does not exceed 2meter from ground level. I have taken a measurement at the site and found that the height from ground level taken from your side of the property is well within this limitation as your ground level far exceeds that of your neighbour. The height at your neighbours side does exceed 2 metres but only by a minimal amount. In light of the extent of the breach and the impact this breach is having on both properties we will not be taking enforcement action in respect of this .

Work carried out to a party wall may be subject to the Party Wall Act, however this is not a matter for the Planning Section, any provisions of the Party Wall Act that may have been breached and are relevant to you and your neighbour maybe be a civil matter that you feel you may want to pursue.

If you wish to discuss this further please call me on the direct land line below.

Kind regards

I am furious to say the least. Seems like they can't be bothered.

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