Zebra Property Group

Looking to increase space within your property, restructure the layout, a new bathroom/kitchen or just re-decorate. We do it all. We have put in basements, loft conversions, side returns and even a swimming pool. We provide a 'do it all' service at the highest of qualities for all our clients.


  1. Conversions - General
  2. Loft Conversions
  3. Restoration & Refurbishment

About Zebra Property Group

We have done everything from doubling the size of a house in Angel (putting in a 400sqft basement, 200sqft rear extension and 250sqft loft conversion) to re-painting a flat to make it fit for sale. We have put in a swimming pool, inserted state of the art kitchens and designed bespoke bathrooms to fit in the most extraordinary spaces.
Some recent jobs:
Harbord road SW6:
Rear extension, loft conversion, complete internal re-decoration (inserting 2 new bathrooms and a kitchen which was so well installed it featured on the front of the the suppliers brochure). We also put in a swimming pool here and carried out a garden makeover
Dorothy Rd Sw11:
Addition of a side return, new bathroom, new kitchen, utility room and garden makeover
Anhalt Road SW8:
Demolition of internal walls and creation of a kitchen
White Lion Street N1:
Basement dig, rear extension, loft conversion, roof terrace, 2 x bathrooms, 1 x kitchen, new garden
Taybridge rd SW11:
External and internal re-decoration (paint job), inserign new windows and re-pointing walls


The business has two directors (Andrew and Jamie).

Andrew is MRICS accredited.
Jamie is a MSP Practitioner with full accreditation.

We have an insurance policy that covers all projects (and will upgrade if we win a job that requires more protection).

The contractors that we use vary in the qualifications/standards that they have as their skills vary - some are electricians and some painters. However, they comply with all HSE and technical standards and as such are capable of offering the appropriate certificates post work completion.

Naturally we also comply with all Building Regs requirements and in every project will bring them along with us every step of the way.